Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Basics of Swimming

Swimming is an aquatic sport in which the swimmer tries to be the fastest over a distance using one’s own strength and power. It has been part of the Olympics since it’s entry in 1896. Competitive swimming in Europe started in the 1800’s, and mostly was the breaststroke move. Because the British were not fond of splashing, John Arthur Trudgen came up with the scissor kick to use instead of the front crawl’s flutter kick. FINA (Federation Internationale de Natatation) the world swimming association, was formed in 1908. The Butterfly, a variation of the Breaststroke, was introduced in the 1930’s.

~Shante (lilmzrockstar)


Volleyball is a team sport that consists of 6 players on either side of a net. Teams score points by grounding the ball on the other team’s side of the net, under certain organized rules. A player on one of the teams serves (tossing it and then hitting it with the hand or arm) to start the rally. The team receiving the serve must not let the ball touch their court, hitting the ball up to three times legally. The first two this are usually to set up an attack, almost ensuring the other team won’t be able to keep the ball from hitting their court. The team that wins the rally earns one point and serves the ball in the next rally. Many techniques have evolved in the sport of volleyball, including spiking and blocking, and because both of these plays are made above the net, the vertical jump is an athletic skill important in the sport. Other techniques include passing and setting.

A well-known volleyball strategy is to use player specialization, when each player does one play. There are 5 specialties in the elite league; setters, liberos (lee-beh-ros), middle blockers or middle hitters, outside or left-side hitters, and opposite or right-side hitters. A setter’s main task is to aim the ball into the air where the attackers can aim it into the opponent’s court. Liberos are responsible for defending the court from serves or attacks from the opposing team. Liberos cannot play any other role during that match, so they wear a different color jersey than the rest of their team. Middle blockers are players that can perform or block very fast attacks. The outside hitter is usually the most consistent hitter on the team, and gets the most sets, from their place near the left antenna and Opposite hitters are players that carry the most defensive workload on the team, and are to put up a well-formed block against the opponent’s outside hitters.
There are many variations of volleyball, but one very common variations is the basic competitive indoor volleyball. The two other most well- known variations are beach, and indoor sand volleyball. Although there are many others, such as blind-volleyball and foot volley, most people mainly play on indoor, or beach/sand courts.

~Shante (lilmzrockstar)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEW FAD : be who you want to BE!!!

trends, fads ... who can keep up with them it's nearly impossible!!! i mean who invents them... what and or who gives them a right to say and judge that uggs or plaid skirts (ect.) aren't in any more !!
So DON'T keep up with the trends !!! Be daring .. Be different !! just BE YOU!! who cares if you don't own a pair of strappy gladiator slippers (although very cute). if people are judging you on what you have or don't have they obviously have nothing better to do and are trying to put you down to make themselves feel better. People say that I'm a hypocrite because i wear fad clothes and then tell people not to wear fad clothes .. but I'm not .. see if i see something i like i wear it !! if its trendy or not I'm going to wear it because i want to not because i feel obligated too. so its okay to wear trendy clothes .. but don't JUST wear trendy clothes because there the new thing and that everyone else is wearing it. So be who you want to be !! be you. be yourself
and no matter what people say and think of you it doesn't matter , the only thing that matters is what YOU think of YOURSELF ..
and if your worried that people will think your weird because of those clothes .. don't get all nervous and start doubting yourself .
So remember The best thing you can do is be confident being yourself !!
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Friday, July 3, 2009

tye-dye shorts


You love it , you hate it , its gone but BACK AGAIN!!!!
its seems to be yet another summer fad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


what is summer TRULY about ..
this is a question that comes up A LOT

summer is about meeting new friends
having summer flings
and of course going to the beach and hanging with your best of friends

but while doing this there's no reason to not look fashionable and FUN (am i right)
so my advice is to try something new !!
don't judge clothing before you try it on and DON'T just go for a ONE look because that's just plain out DRAB and BORING!!!
(my point being : dont be a one look person because thats not FUN and you're look is totally PREDICTABLE !!!)so just remeber wearing just one look is so PREDICTABLE and so NOT fun or outgoing.

going to the beach dosnt mean you just wear youre bathing suit and cover up and your good to go...
you can make your look so much more FUN!!
and its really easy!!
what to do
-wear an outgoing bright bikini with your fav. strapless dress
-add a cute necklace and a few matching bangles to add a little bling to your outfit
-and DONT forget your strappy gladiator flip-flops with a cute and colorful tote

LAYING on the beach
-ya laying on the beach is nice ... if your just trying to get a tan but if you want to have some fun and maybe meet some *new* people GET UP!!! and do something
-bring a frizbee (to start a frenzzy )
-bring a becah ball and get some *other* people to play so you can have teams
-and of couse your sunscreen and towel :)
NOTE: If your at the beachpark dont wear your fav. strappy dress EVEN if it is Amazingly CUTE!!! because it wont be after (dirt) . so swing on your zebra soffes and an awsome tank with some flip-flops. and your good to go~