Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soffe's Fresh Face 2008 Contest - Winner Morgan Koewler

This year's Fresh Face winner has been chosen!!! 

Morgan Koewler, Age 16 from Charleston, SC 
She is Captain of her HS dance team, Plays Soccer for a local league, Excels in school, and Volunteers at local shelters and nursing homes. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get In the Spirit! - with Soffe's Juniors Line

Soffe Shorts!Cheerleading may have vaulted over the great wall to appear in great numbers on the sidelines of the Beijing Olympics, but many team dealers have not yet made the leap. Shout this from your megaphone: New items and support from vendors and suppliers of cheerleading apparel and accessories may make this a G-R-E-A-T time to get off the sidelines.

MJ Soffe, Fayetteville, NC, is certainly well-known for its opening price point and for being the cheerleaders’ choice for knit shorts. This is certainly not changing as the market continues to expand beyond the basics.

“Cheerleaders certainly love our fit, but our entire junior-specific line of shorts, tops and pants has wide appeal that reaches beyond cheerleaders,” says Dottie Dye, Soffe VP-marketing and merchandising. “Soffe understands that for this group of juniors it’s all about fit, so we do a lot of research. We know you just can’t apply the standard grade model across every size for juniors. We make sure we fit sizes for every size we offer.”

According to Dye, almost every Soffe item is put through the scrutiny of focus groups to accurately predict retail sales potential. The result is apparel and accessories that resound with juniors. For example, Soffe’s new mesh Teeny Tiny Short, which retails for $9.99, features a low rise waist and moisture management birds eye mesh fabric in a variety of colors.

“Every one of the girls in our focus groups wanted the Teeny Tiny mesh short, and they were right on the money,” says Dye. “We cannot keep them in stock.”

Going into the fall, Soffe has introduced several other items into this niche, including moisture management warm-ups for practice and after practice; Juniors Zip Football Pant with bottom leg zip closure for wearing to and from practice; a Juniors Tissue Tee in a tissue light jersey for practice gear; and a Juniors Print Dorm Pant.

In addition to this opening price point line, Soffe is introducing a new mid-tier Soffe Chic brand in soft fabrics, developed for the college age consumer.

Source: Team Intelligence Mag