Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is finally here!!

This is goes out to all the people who love following trends!!! ~FALL~


don be afraid to trough some really bright tops with dark wash jeans it makes contrast and can make a really great focal point.

But going with earthy colors can also have perks (SUCH AS MAKING YOUR NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS COME OUT ) just try not to get earthy mixed with bright...not cute..., but if you are going earthy make sure its cute not to DRAMATIC or else you might just seem too DRAMATIC.. but if your going for the DRAMATIC look im not stopping you :)

I believe that the best fall colors are, yellows, brown, golds, and earthy oranges and reds.


ruffles are definently HOT this fall and they count as a accesorie so it you have a v neck ruffle top no need for a just wont look right...

super dark!!!
or Bleach white ... FALL is all about the contrast...youll definently contrast with the color full leaves making you the focal point :p

Best out fit---

top: yellow ruffled top
Bottom: dark/black jeans
shoes: gold gladiators
accersorie: 1 gold bangle and pair of earings

that outfit ...goes any where mall,park,just around NOW GO GETT EM!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Soffe Fall Picks

I know a lot of you think that Soffe just makes shorts for spring and summer activities, but I would have to disagree. They have a ton of comfy fall clothes that you will love just as much as the amazing shorts. Here I'll name my 3 top Soffe picks for fall.

1.Poly-Fleece Pants

These pants are super comfy and perfectly warm enough for fall. I love wearing them to chilly nights at the gym or just on lazy days at school. They look adorable with just a simple tank and a hoodie. Definitely buy these in more than one color too because I know you'll love them and want to wear them to death!

2.Burn Out Stripe Long Sleeve Tee

Every fall wardrobe needs a great long sleeve tee. I love this one because I'll wear anything with stripes and looks and fits great. You can dress it up or down.

3. Heather Crop Hoodie
This has to be my favorite hoodie that Soffe sells. It's cozy, soft, and looks great on. The cropped look makes it look perfect with any outfit. I love wearing cute printed tanks under this hoodie and they pop out and look
amazing with this hoodie.

Great for gym!

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I love Soffe shorts because they are Comfy and inexpensive. Soffe's Basketball Shorts are Great For Gym time at School. They are also Trendy so I think everyone should have them. They look GREAT !!!! :)

Thanks Nzp

Soffe has variety!

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I love soffe because they have so much variety! No matter what sport you play, Soffe has cute and comfy clothes that can suit you! Soffe shorts are my favorite! I've been wearing them ever since I was little. They come in so many different colors, you can wear them with anything!