Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The ULTIMATE gift for the Comfort Cutie

Christmas seems to have come especially early this year, and if you are like me you are scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. For instance, what do you get for the "Comfort Cutie": the girl who loves spending the day in her PJs and is a connoisseur of lounge wear, always on the lookout for the perfect sweats.
Here is a current favorite of mine:

Juniors Valedictorian V-neck Hoodie: A great hoodie tops the list of comfort items. The "comfort food" of clothing, a good hoodie sees you through the good days and the bad. This one has a wonderful slim fit, for all the comfort without the bulk. And the white piping adds a nice pop against the great colors! This hoodie is the perfect layering piece, taking you from winter to spring in effortless style and ease.

- Sara

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If Bella wore Soffe...

Okay, so yes I am obsessed with Twilight. I am currently re-reading the series and have seen the film twice already. In a nutshell, Bella Swan is the human girl who falls in love with a teenage vampire, the dashing Edward Cullen. To combine two of my loves (Twilight and Soffe)-I will now present to you what I believe Bella would wear if she were to shop at Soffe.

Juniors Valedictoria Crew Forks is a wet and chilly town on the Olympic Penninsula. I know if I were her I would be reaching for a cute and cozy sweatshirt all the time (especially cuddling up with a cold-as-stone vampire boyfriend).

Juniors Football Pant When Bella is chilling in her room with Edward, she forgets to bring her silky PJ's. Instead she pulls on a pair of sweatpants with a t-shirt. She still looks tempting to Edward though!

Juniors Football Tee Bella isn't much of an athlete, she wouldn't want to risk breaking ANOTHER bone, as accident and disaster prone as she is. That doesn't mean she wouldn't want to look sporty-and a football tee like this would do the trick.