Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wear Soffe All-Year-Round?

Alright first of all, I haven't written in a LONG time. But I decided I'd start writing again. Well, in about a week, we'll be getting ready to go back to school, so we need to stay warm, but also stay cute. I'll be sporting:

Soffe Chic Velour Hoodie- This may be more expensive than other Soffe products, but so worth it. It's only 29.99! For that price anywhere else, you won't get close to this quality. And it's so cute. You can wear it over the Long Sleeve Rib Tee, for a cute look, that's totally inexpensive.

The long sleeves will keep you warm, and this looks so cute with jeans. Plus, it's only 10.98! Where else could you get such an amazing deal? Wear this with the Velour Hoodie, and a pair of jeans. It will keep you warm, and be comfy enough for doing anything in. Shopping, School, even Gym.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Hair Accessories

The holiday season is officially upon us. This can be a stressful time for many, but don't let choosing that perfect look for your holiday parties add to your stress. Remember, holiday attire does not mean sequins from head-to-toe. A simple black wrap dress or a winter white sweater dress, and one of these fabulous hair accessories will make quite the grand entrance for any holiday party. These jeweled hair accessories are budget friendly, and will add pop to any ensemble. (Beaded Billie barrette retails for $35 at Stella Accessories, Goddy confetti flower retails for $6 at Target, Cara accessories fuschia skinny headband retails for $32 at Nordstrom) For more fashion and beauty visit Hemlines & Haute Spots. Until next time stay fab.

-Chira "The Style Maven"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soffe Stuff I L♥ve!!!

Hello Soffe Fans!!! I am back for another week of FABULOUS Soffe products that I am L♥ving right now!!

So this week it got real cold around here, so I went on a hunt for some of Soffe's warmer stuff! Here are the fabulous things I found!!!:

Rugby Pants only$19.99!!!

This would go perfect with the Poly-Fleece Zip Jacket Hoodie only $29.99!!!
Also on Sale this week at Soffe: My favorite, the Henley Tee

Long Flare Pants

Raglan Sleeve Top

Check it all out!! See you all next week!!!
Lisa Moore Gee
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Exotic Scents

This fall season seems to be heavily influenced by Morocco and the Mediterranean. From vibrant beaded clothing, to brilliant make-up palettes in shades of plum & turquoise. This part of the globe is known for its fragrant spices, so what better way to experience the exotic scents of Morocco than in body products. The True Blue Morocco line at Bath&Body Works has shower gels, warming scrubs, and body lotions with the alluring scents of red cedar, cumin, and cardamon. Pictured is the Cedarwood&Spice warming body scrub retailing for $15.00. Check out other products in the line for a luxurious spa experience. Until next time say fab. For more fabulousness check out Hemlines & Haute Spots.

Chira "The Style Maven"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soffe Stuff I love!!!!

Hello Soffe Fans!!! This is my first time blogging here and I am so proud to be doing it!!! What I want to share is great deals on Soffe products and my favorites from their website!!! I hope you enjoy! Also feel free to leave feedback-do you like what I'm showcasing or not? What kind of stuff do you want to see? The more input the better!!

So this week I browsed the Soffe website and found these great items:
Retro Jersey Shorts with Stripe These come in 7 colors: Black, Oxford, Olive Drab, Navy, Royal, Red and Pink!! These shorts are perfect for working out, cheer leading or lounging around the house! They are 50% cotton, 50% polyester jersey knit and feature white binding around legs & side seams. Super cute!!! And at $8.99 they are super affordable! You can get several colors and mix and match with your favorite shirt! Pair them with a Boy Beater or Vintage Cap Sleeve Tee of your choice to look fabulous even while working out!! I love these shorts because not only are they adorable, but they are really comfortable!
Be sure to check out the great stuff on Sale on the Soffe website!!! I will see you all soon!!!

♥Lisa Moore Gee
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Soffe donates to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)

M. J. Soffe featured in Exchange and Commissary news

M.J. Soffe donates a portion of the cost of each Wounded Warrior garment it sells to the program. The donations as-

sist the WWP in sponsoring activities that inspire U.S. heroes who have suffered a loss. As the WWP motto points out, “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.”

Read the article here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Endless Possibilities

Endless scarves are everywhere now, and they are super cozy and cute for fall/winter weather. These no-tie neck accessories can be found in various price ranges and fabrics. For a lower price point try an acrylic scarf from Laila Rowe, a mid-range lighter weight from Banana Republic (pictured currently retailing for 39.99), or you can shoot for the higher end cable knit also available at Banana Republic. Have fun with trying new, inventive ways to sport your infinity scarf. For more fabulousness visit Hemlines & Haute Spots. Until next time, stay fab.

-Chira "The Style Maven"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Soffe featured in Seventeen Magazine

Check out these cool Soffe styles featured in Seventeen Magazine

Soffe Boy Beater Tank (color-Kool Kiwi)

Soffe Tissue Tee (color-black)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle...Little Star

This kit from Orly has 4 hot shades to brighten up any fall day, or spice up the upcoming Holiday nights. The colors in the Star Light Star Bright Mani Mini Kit include, Tiara, Hot Stuff, Groupie, and Razzmatazz. At $9.95 the cost is recessionista friendly, and it makes for a great gift. For more fashion and beauty fabulousness visit Hemlines & Haute Spots. Until next time, stay fab.

-Chira "The Style Maven"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Want to be a Soffe Blog contributor?

Help us make the Soffe blog better!

Become a Soffe blog contributor today!

We are looking for some new and interesting voices in the social media space to add to our team as blogging contributors.

If you can write about subjects like fashion, style, trends, and product reviews, also athletes who can write about sports tips, cheers, how-to/tutorials you will be a perfect fit.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please send an example or two of your online work (other blog postings or articles you have written) to us at SFCfeedback@gmail [dot] com. We will follow up with additional questions and details.

If we like what you send us then you can become a contributor and may even get some FREE Soffe shorts! This is an AWESOME deal! :)

Grab those keyboards and start typing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is finally here!!

This is goes out to all the people who love following trends!!! ~FALL~


don be afraid to trough some really bright tops with dark wash jeans it makes contrast and can make a really great focal point.

But going with earthy colors can also have perks (SUCH AS MAKING YOUR NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS COME OUT ) just try not to get earthy mixed with bright...not cute..., but if you are going earthy make sure its cute not to DRAMATIC or else you might just seem too DRAMATIC.. but if your going for the DRAMATIC look im not stopping you :)

I believe that the best fall colors are, yellows, brown, golds, and earthy oranges and reds.


ruffles are definently HOT this fall and they count as a accesorie so it you have a v neck ruffle top no need for a ncklace..it just wont look right...

super dark!!!
or Bleach white ... FALL is all about the contrast...youll definently contrast with the color full leaves making you the focal point :p

Best out fit---

top: yellow ruffled top
Bottom: dark/black jeans
shoes: gold gladiators
accersorie: 1 gold bangle and pair of earings

that outfit ...goes any where mall,park,just around NOW GO GETT EM!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Soffe Fall Picks

I know a lot of you think that Soffe just makes shorts for spring and summer activities, but I would have to disagree. They have a ton of comfy fall clothes that you will love just as much as the amazing shorts. Here I'll name my 3 top Soffe picks for fall.

1.Poly-Fleece Pants

These pants are super comfy and perfectly warm enough for fall. I love wearing them to chilly nights at the gym or just on lazy days at school. They look adorable with just a simple tank and a hoodie. Definitely buy these in more than one color too because I know you'll love them and want to wear them to death!

2.Burn Out Stripe Long Sleeve Tee

Every fall wardrobe needs a great long sleeve tee. I love this one because I'll wear anything with stripes and looks and fits great. You can dress it up or down.

3. Heather Crop Hoodie
This has to be my favorite hoodie that Soffe sells. It's cozy, soft, and looks great on. The cropped look makes it look perfect with any outfit. I love wearing cute printed tanks under this hoodie and they pop out and look
amazing with this hoodie.

Great for gym!

Originally uploaded by Nzp!in!action

I love Soffe shorts because they are Comfy and inexpensive. Soffe's Basketball Shorts are Great For Gym time at School. They are also Trendy so I think everyone should have them. They look GREAT !!!! :)

Thanks Nzp

Soffe has variety!

Photo 231
Originally uploaded by tropicalflower41

I love soffe because they have so much variety! No matter what sport you play, Soffe has cute and comfy clothes that can suit you! Soffe shorts are my favorite! I've been wearing them ever since I was little. They come in so many different colors, you can wear them with anything!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Most comfortable shorts I own

Originally uploaded by iwannamodel17

I love my soffe shorts because i do just about EVERYTHING in them. I wear them when i go to the beach, the gym, cheerleading practice, at home, school, and when i travel. Soffe shorts are the most comfortable shorts i own. What makes them special is that they come in a bunch of cool colors, and different designs. My favorite is zebra:) I love soffe shorts so much that i own more than 20 pairsss!!!!!! and i cant wait till i get some more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Soffe shorts are simply amazing <3

Originally uploaded by Luanna8a

Soffe shorts are the best shorts ever!

Soffe shorts are articles of clothing that I have collected the most of. Not just because they are EXTREMELY cute :) and look great with just about everything, whether I'm at cheerleading practice, volunteering at a recreational center; to even chilling at home with my family or even just at the pool. Soffes are the perfect and ideal attire when it comes to what I want to and need to wear. Living in Miami, Florida has an unspoken yet well known rule that a pair (in my case a dozen or more) of shorts are necessary. The majority, if not all girls prefer to wear soffe shorts over jeans shorts and plaid shorts because they are comfortable and extremely stylish. It can be said that soffe shorts are classics. NEVER to go out of style. If your on the run and in a rush just do what I do. Grab a pair of soffe shorts in any of the MANY (and I mean MANY) colors put them on quick and your set. You will look stylish, sleek, neat, you name it! Soffe shorts can aid you in the search for that look. All the reasons above and more are why I not only ||_ (0) \\// |E but adore soffe shorts too. It's simply amazing how something so simple... can look so great :) .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Basics of Swimming

Swimming is an aquatic sport in which the swimmer tries to be the fastest over a distance using one’s own strength and power. It has been part of the Olympics since it’s entry in 1896. Competitive swimming in Europe started in the 1800’s, and mostly was the breaststroke move. Because the British were not fond of splashing, John Arthur Trudgen came up with the scissor kick to use instead of the front crawl’s flutter kick. FINA (Federation Internationale de Natatation) the world swimming association, was formed in 1908. The Butterfly, a variation of the Breaststroke, was introduced in the 1930’s.

~Shante (lilmzrockstar)


Volleyball is a team sport that consists of 6 players on either side of a net. Teams score points by grounding the ball on the other team’s side of the net, under certain organized rules. A player on one of the teams serves (tossing it and then hitting it with the hand or arm) to start the rally. The team receiving the serve must not let the ball touch their court, hitting the ball up to three times legally. The first two this are usually to set up an attack, almost ensuring the other team won’t be able to keep the ball from hitting their court. The team that wins the rally earns one point and serves the ball in the next rally. Many techniques have evolved in the sport of volleyball, including spiking and blocking, and because both of these plays are made above the net, the vertical jump is an athletic skill important in the sport. Other techniques include passing and setting.

A well-known volleyball strategy is to use player specialization, when each player does one play. There are 5 specialties in the elite league; setters, liberos (lee-beh-ros), middle blockers or middle hitters, outside or left-side hitters, and opposite or right-side hitters. A setter’s main task is to aim the ball into the air where the attackers can aim it into the opponent’s court. Liberos are responsible for defending the court from serves or attacks from the opposing team. Liberos cannot play any other role during that match, so they wear a different color jersey than the rest of their team. Middle blockers are players that can perform or block very fast attacks. The outside hitter is usually the most consistent hitter on the team, and gets the most sets, from their place near the left antenna and Opposite hitters are players that carry the most defensive workload on the team, and are to put up a well-formed block against the opponent’s outside hitters.
There are many variations of volleyball, but one very common variations is the basic competitive indoor volleyball. The two other most well- known variations are beach, and indoor sand volleyball. Although there are many others, such as blind-volleyball and foot volley, most people mainly play on indoor, or beach/sand courts.

~Shante (lilmzrockstar)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEW FAD : be who you want to BE!!!

trends, fads ... who can keep up with them it's nearly impossible!!! i mean who invents them... what and or who gives them a right to say and judge that uggs or plaid skirts (ect.) aren't in any more !!
So DON'T keep up with the trends !!! Be daring .. Be different !! just BE YOU!! who cares if you don't own a pair of strappy gladiator slippers (although very cute). if people are judging you on what you have or don't have they obviously have nothing better to do and are trying to put you down to make themselves feel better. People say that I'm a hypocrite because i wear fad clothes and then tell people not to wear fad clothes .. but I'm not .. see if i see something i like i wear it !! if its trendy or not I'm going to wear it because i want to not because i feel obligated too. so its okay to wear trendy clothes .. but don't JUST wear trendy clothes because there the new thing and that everyone else is wearing it. So be who you want to be !! be you. be yourself
and no matter what people say and think of you it doesn't matter , the only thing that matters is what YOU think of YOURSELF ..
and if your worried that people will think your weird because of those clothes .. don't get all nervous and start doubting yourself .
So remember The best thing you can do is be confident being yourself !!
please leave a comment :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

tye-dye shorts


You love it , you hate it , its gone but BACK AGAIN!!!!
its seems to be yet another summer fad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


what is summer TRULY about ..
this is a question that comes up A LOT

summer is about meeting new friends
having summer flings
and of course going to the beach and hanging with your best of friends

but while doing this there's no reason to not look fashionable and FUN (am i right)
so my advice is to try something new !!
don't judge clothing before you try it on and DON'T just go for a ONE look because that's just plain out DRAB and BORING!!!
(my point being : dont be a one look person because thats not FUN and you're look is totally PREDICTABLE !!!)so just remeber wearing just one look is so PREDICTABLE and so NOT fun or outgoing.

going to the beach dosnt mean you just wear youre bathing suit and cover up and your good to go...
you can make your look so much more FUN!!
and its really easy!!
what to do
-wear an outgoing bright bikini with your fav. strapless dress
-add a cute necklace and a few matching bangles to add a little bling to your outfit
-and DONT forget your strappy gladiator flip-flops with a cute and colorful tote

LAYING on the beach
-ya laying on the beach is nice ... if your just trying to get a tan but if you want to have some fun and maybe meet some *new* people GET UP!!! and do something
-bring a frizbee (to start a frenzzy )
-bring a becah ball and get some *other* people to play so you can have teams
-and of couse your sunscreen and towel :)
NOTE: If your at the beachpark dont wear your fav. strappy dress EVEN if it is Amazingly CUTE!!! because it wont be after (dirt) . so swing on your zebra soffes and an awsome tank with some flip-flops. and your good to go~


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashion trends meets Soffe Fan Club blog!

Hey Soffe Fans!

We have combined the Soffe Fashion blog with the Soffe Fan Club blog to make one AWESOME place for everyone to come and get fashion tips, hear about hot new trends, and other cool stuff from Soffe and Soffe Fans! :)

In addition to moving all of the Fashion blog posts over to this blog we have also invited all of the authors of these articles to now write here on the Soffe Fan Club blog. Please welcome them! :)

Please leave a comment with any questions or feedback!

Soffe Fan Club

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yay! Soffe Stuff! ;D

What up? What up? What up?
I'm so stoked. I finally got Soffe stuff! I loved the colors, they're so bright and fun. They are comfortable and soft. I think that's why they call them Soffes (and yeah, I just figured that out). Anyway, although it took me like HOURS to take pictures, I did it! Soffe shorts are so unique, but yet you can make them match so much into your wardrobe. They're so amazhing I'm in awe. The shirt (tissue tee with hearts) was so soft and I felt like I could do back-bends, flips, etc. etc. But I'm not so flexible, so that one didn't work out.... I just got a box when I finish writing this full of purple stuff and that's also so beast. "I LOVE YOU SOFFEEEEEEE!" Anyway, you guys should so join the fan club, it's completely worth it.
Comment peeps,
:D thea :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Will Jeans always be the most common fashion trend?

Throwing on a pair of jeans has always been a common fashion trend, and wearing a pair of blue jeans means you can wear any other color with it. While wearing these pants, you can base the rest of your outfit around it. People have been buying simple and casual tops such as tanks and T-shirts because it’s so easy to make them look good with a pair of tight skinny jeans. The good thing about jeans being a common fashion trend is that you can wear any color top, and it still looks great. You can layer bright color tank tops with lighter color tanks and it looks great with a pair of skinny jeans thrown under it. Another good thing about jeans is that when you’re in a rush in the morning and you complain that there’s no pants to wear that match your top, you can just throw a pair of them on and go out into the day. I think jeans will always be a common fashion trend because of the way they look and what outfits you can make with them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Are Sports shorts the Same thing as Soffe Shorts?

What do you think, are sports shorts Soffe shorts? Definetly NOT. But can Soffe shorts be sport shorts? HECK YEAH! Soffe shorts are the best thing to wear during sports practice. They're comfortable, and not too short. One time, I was at sports practice and I couldn;t find any other sports shorts, so I had to wear these really short, uncomfortable shorts. All through practice I was focusing on making sure my shorts didn't ride up my butt instead of focusing on the game. When I got my first pair of Soffe shorts, I was so happy because they were SO much more comfortable then the other shorts and the Soffe shorts weren't riding up my butt like the other one's were. The first practice that I wore my Soffe shorts was the best sports practice ever! Regular sports shorts will never be Soffe shorts, but Soffe shorts will always be sports shorts.I LOVE SOFFE SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nowadays, it's hard to tell what looking stylish really means. Fashion trends are always changing. Last year, ugg's were in, and now, well, there not as in. It's hard to keep up with all the new fashion trends and although having the same clothes as everyone else seems better, it's not. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Don't copy everyone else i your school or else your school will look like an army of walking clones. Be creative with the way you dress. Wear bright colors and express your personality through the clothes you wear. Be stylish in your own way, be different. Being stylish doesn't mean that you always have to wear what everyone else wears. Being stylish means that you are comfortable and happy in the clothes you wear. If you wear flip-flops from Pac Sun just because they look good, you're crazy. Be happy with who you are. Be creative. Be different.


Okay, so, while I was looking on the Soffe website, I saw this ah-dorable shirt. It's the Juniors Cut Out V-Neck Tee in like a dark redish color. It's SO ah-dorable! It's tighter around the stomach area and around the breast area, and it has those like, half short sleeves. The best part of it is that it's really long, not the sleeves, but lengthwise. My mom always bugs me about my shirts not being long enough and that their showing my tummy, and now I've finally found a company that actually sells shirts that are long enough for me! YAY! I love my life. Maybe I can beg my mom to buy me Soffe shorts online...hmmmm......I know she hates shopping online, but if I tell her that Soffe sells shirts that are long enough for me then maybe she'll cave and buy me shorts, AND a shirt....hmmmmmm......I've got to go ask so I don't forget....okay, I'm leaving now........maybe she'll buy me a cute Soffe jacket, too................................ :)


Kay, so, as I said before, Soffe shorts are, well, my life. They are the most comfortable,
ah-dorable items of clothing anyone could ever wear! They go well with everything! I love Soffe shorts! I have a pair of tie-dye shorts from Soffe and since tie-dye is all different colors, I could wear an orange, green, red, yellow, or blue shirt with them. Throw on a pair of Soffe flip-flops, some of Soffe's zebra print shorts, and one of those cute pink with a scoop neck shirts from Soffe and you're ready for the day. You're a walking Soffe model! The best thing about being a "Soffe model" is that you're so comfortable because Soffe clothes are always comfortable! And people wonder why everybody loves Soffe clothing. HA. HA. HA. Soffe clothes are my LIFE!

Soffe Clothes

One day, I borrowed a pair of Soffe shorts from my friend. I wore tham for almost two weeks, and I never gave them back to her because they were so comfortable. I wore them when I went to bed, and when I went to sports practice. I wore them around the house all the time. Finally, my friend asked for them back. At first I didn't know what she was talking about, I forgot they were hers. Well, I did have to give the shorts back to my friend, but then I bought my own because I was so in love with them. The best part about Soffe clothes is that every piece of clothing is so comfortable. You can wear their clothes just about anywhere for anything. I think that my favorite time to wear Soffe clothing is when I'm at sports practice. Soffe shorts are so comfortable to run in and to just hang out around the house in. SOFFE SHORTS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jeans- The hottest, most common fashion trend ever

Throwing on a pair of jeans has always been a common fashion trend, and wearing a pair of blue jeans means you can wear any other color with it. While wearing these pants, you can base the rest of your outfit around it. People have been buying simple and casual tops such as tanks and T-shirts because it’s so easy to make them look good with a pair of tight skinny jeans. The good thing about jeans being a common fashion trend is that you can wear any color top, and it still looks sexy. You can layer bright color tank tops with lighter color tanks and it looks great with a pair of skinny jeans thrown under it. Another good thing about jeans is that when you’re in a rush in the morning and you complain that there’s no pants to wear that match your top, you can just throw a pair of them on and go out into the day. I think jeans will always be a common fashion trend because of the way they look and what outfits you can make with them.

Soffe's Rock

Soffe's Rock
Originally uploaded by ohhlisa

Soffe's are the best shorts ever. They are cheap, comfortable, and colorful! I can use any pairs for any of the sports I play such as track, cheer leading, basketball, and softball. Nothing competes to Soffe shorts. You can never have enough...I know I can't!

Fashion trends - this summer

Fashion trends change almost as quickly as nail polish does on your fingers, but it's always important to keep up with the latest trends. This summer, the new trend is being colorful and abstract. Try a pair of simple, lime green and navy blue flip-flops with a tight, geometric-shape hot pink and white halter top. To show you want to be even more colorful and abstract, add a bright color, such as yellow or orange to your outfit. Try a pair of bright yellow short shorts. Yeah, I know. This outfit may sound so ridiculous as you're reading about it, but it's actually really cute and brings out the creativeness in you.

Bright colors are always the answer *this *summer


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soffe Shorts are so comfy!

Hi. My name is Melissa, and I would like to tell you how awsome the Soffe shorts brand is!
I have been involved in high school cheerleading, track, and as a majorette, over the past 4 years. I love soffes because they are so lightweight and comfortable! Mostly I like the thin nylon shorts, because they are so cute on me, but I also like the other (cotton & mesh) shorts, too. Soffes are so versitile, I can go to cheerleading practce and track practice without going home to change in between! I like to even wear them while lounging around the house! I have some older pairs of soffe shorts that I wear to bed in the summer when it's hot- they are so comfy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great for Softball, great for anything!

Originally uploaded by AP21_12

I love Soffes because I can wear them anywhere and feel great. Not only the short's but the shirt's also. I just love how comfortable and fitting the clothing is. Soffes are great for anything! I love Soffe because it is a superb clothing line. When in doubt, trust Soffe.

Love always!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fashion Trends for this Summer - Leggings

Have you ever noticed every summer there is always a new fashion trend!! Well this year summer has had a new outrageous fashion trend, short shorts with leggings! It's so comfortable because when you don't feel like showing lots of skin or it's kind of cold, this is the best!! You can pair any type of short shorts (like Soffe shorts!) with any funky leggings!! I love to use a nice pair of plain shorts like black, and pair them with bright pink!! It makes your everyday wardrobe so fun! So this summer when your at the store and want some new things think about this trend and getting as many leggings as possible in every color! So spice up your outfit! Also throw on a scarf, those are really in this summer too!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another trendy article - Monokinis, in style or not?

I've always wanted to be that guy that goes "HEYYYYYYY!" in all the top songs. Wouldn't that be awesome? Get paid so much money for a hey, and those are like almost every one's favorite parts. Anyway Soffe fans, some of you commented, so as we speak I'm like so high-fiveing you. Hypothetical high-fives everyone!
Ok, time for another trend. Whoo. Yeah. Fosizzle. What am I saying? Anywayz, it's summer time, which means it's bathing suit time. The latest bathing suit trend has been- the monokinis.
This bathing suit is so unrealistic to real body images. The only people who can pull this off are people with no hips (like that model in my other posting). And um, you're suppose to have hips. How else you gonna rock the Soffe shorts?
Have you seen Lady Gaga's music videos? She can't wear one for her life. I love her songs and voice, but she's got curves. Curves don't go in hip-widening bathing suits or leotards. You too, Beyonce.
Personally, I'd rather not look like a mad cow walking on the beach. I might wear the one with the one side out, because I don't think that's going to be disastrous. But the one with the stripes? Heck. No.
Now, I know the eighties were great. And I don't mind bringing some of the 80's back. But there is a limit. I'm drawing the line at monokinis! Whose with me?
It's all a matter of opinions of course. SO comment. Tell me yours. I not gong to send you nasty emails if you disagree. Although it may not look like it, I have a life.
Anyway, I hope I get a package of Soffe shorts soon. My one Soffe short is lonely. I really want the zebra ones. They look like fun. And I want a purple pair. Soffe has cute tops though too.... Hmmmm.
I better stop myself. Anyway....


Is all about options though

Friday, June 5, 2009

Live in Soffe shorts over the summer!

Originally uploaded by Riley♥Rose

So many people like wearing uncomfortable jean shorts and other kinds, but we think that Soffe shorts are the best! They're snug and we can go out on a jog or on the trampoline in them. We wear them around the house! We wear them to dance, track... we pretty much live in Soffe shorts over the summer! They're simple and go nicely with every thing!
we ♥ soffes!

Riley and Rose

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Thing That Got me To blog!

Forgot to post this :D :D 

Got big tests today& 2mro so I'll post later. Comment please! I know you're there. 8D

May 6th, 2009


            My life consists of a few things; friends, family, fashion, music, school, and of course my love life (which I wish I had more of). Fashion is about 15% of my life (okay so maybe it’s like 112% but who’s doing the math?). Now I know that there’s the phrase “looks don’t matter”, and they don’t... to an extent. What you’re wearing reflects who you are. Got on a pair of shorts right now? That means your active or it’s really hot wherever you are… Or maybe you’re wearing your schools logo or your team uniform, that means you like your school and you like your hobbies. Or maybe you’re not like that. Maybe you have a witty shirt on that says something like “I didn’t slap you, I high-fived you in the face,” or  “I’m not short, I’m fun-sized”.  Then, you like to laugh and make people laugh. Fashion reflects you.

            It also helps others determined who you are (which I don’t care what people think, be yourself, you’ll get through life easier, trust me, been there, done that). If you happen to wear the color purple a lot, someone might think that’s your favorite color, and ask you about it until you have a random thing between you and them where one of you goes “BARNEY!” and you both crack up.

            And my favorite part of fashion is when the opposite sex notices. No, I’m not saying dress sleazy or “inappropriately” but wear something that looks good on you. Don’t just buy pants that make you look so utterly ridiculous but everyone has them. That’s one of the top worst buys EVER (and I do mean ever). But I swear it’ll make your day if that cutie that you’re dying for says something nice about you’re outfit or compliments your hair.

            My favorite clothing has to be a tank or a cami. They just make you feel fun and outgoing and I don’t know about you, but they put me in a hilarious mood. Plus, guys notice, even when you have to put a hoodie over it. The outfit that looks the best on me probably would be a cami and a pair of Soffe shorts. I’m a short, tiny person with curves that I like to accent. I prefer looking like an hourglass (people don’t want you to be skinny anymore, they want you to be you, I read the magazines, I know these things).

            Well have fun in Fashion Town. Right now I hope it gets warmer, because I’m dying to go into my outfit of choice (OFC) shown above.

            Yours fashionably,


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer and soffe shorts!

Summer is just beginning as it starts to get warmer, but what we don't realize is how we, love to wear comfortable shorts. Not the kind that are super, short from Hollister. It's the comfortable ones we want! Well, look no farther Soffe shorts are the perfect fit and can last along time, also they are amazing for sports and working out! They're flexible and come in so many different colors, so however your feeling that day there are always Soffe shorts to complete your outfit! Also they are such a awesome price! Everyone loves Soffe shorts!

All the Soffe short colors....

(pick your color)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The moves of Dance

Everybody always talks about how they can't dance and never will. Well, it's really not that hard if you know how your body works. Dance isn't about knowing the moves it's about doing the moves with your own personal style. There are three steps you should always remember:
1. Make the moves go together (usually a ballet turn and then a flick your collar doesn't really work as the best mix).
2. Be safe; trying a new move you learned from your best friend , the street isn't the best place to try it. Always make sure the room or place is danceable.
3. Put your own style to it. It will look better with your own original move.
Lastly it doesn't matter if your move is funny and people think it's weird, using your own style is one of the main things in dancing. Always remember that you show as much expression in your dance as possible!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soffe Fan Club member's - Blog Contributions!

Below are a few blog contributions Fan Club members sent in. Enjoy reading! :)

Best Friend
From day one, Soffe shorts have been my best friend! There is so many ways to mix and match them. For instance, if you have a white shirt with red sleeves, don't buy white Soffe shorts, buy a pair of red. TRUST ME!!! It's so cute. Now, time to talk about school colors. I know what you're thinking....Oh My Gosh!!!!! What in the world do I where to the homecoming game??? How about instead of freaking out, try scoping out store.soffe.com for cute tops and shorts to match. My school colors are maroon and navy blue. This year I bought a homecoming shirt from my school that was grey and on the back it had a red guitar and in blue letters it said "Rockin to a Redskin Victory!" Thanks to Soffe, I looked so much cuter than I ever have. I wore my homecoming shirt with a pair of navy Soffe shorts. Of course I accessorized, too. My friends couldn't believe it was really me! And... I owe it all to Soffe. Now it's your turn. Dare to be a different. Don't follow trends, set them! Mix and match outfits! Get some clothes out of your dresser, put them on your bed, and change them up. And.......DON'T FORGET TO BUY LOTS OF SOFFE ITEMS!!!!!!!! Shorts, Tanks, EVERTHING!

~ Emily O.


By: Plansahead
For the girls out there who just love to wear their Soffes all the time. This is for you! Soffes are great for anything from playing basketball to good times with your friends. Either way, Soffes can bring out personality traits and they can show that little bit of peppiness that everyone has. Soffes are great and can show so much. Who knew that one little thing like Soffes could show so much in a person? Well at least we can finally show some personality with a great sense of flair.


By: Plansahead
Soffe. The name known to all girls in the United States of America. Soffes are an amazing little brand of clothing that you can wear just about anywhere. On long car trips with family or friends. Going to the grocery store to get some milk. Or just hanging out with friends. Soffes can match your personality and your sense of style. They can go with just about anything. And there are so many different colors and styles that it may be hard just to choose one! But Soffes are so comfortable as well! They amazed me when I got my first pair because when I had other shorts they were so itchy and uncomfortable around the waist, but Soffes changed all that. Now I wear them wherever I go and love it! Tell everyone about the super cute and extra comfy shorts, skirts, and shirts that we love!


Soffe Shorts are the BEST
Soffe shorts come in just about every color of the rainbow so you can wear them with anything! Whether its dressing them up and wearing a cute shirt and sandels with them, or wearing them while playing sports. Soffe shorts are SOO versatile because you match them with just about anything. Another reason I love Soffe shorts so much is because they are inexpensive and you can find them at pretty much any stores that sell sport clothes. I wear Soffe shorts for school, track, tennis, to bed, to the beach, hanging out, and basically everything else I do and they are by far the best shorts I own.
-Amanda :)


SOFFE is an amazing company, making products for athletic and regular people. SOFFE is a clothing company that has amazed its buyers with outstanding, high quality, and stylish clothes and accessories.

SOFFE serves people of all ages, size, and gender. SOFFE loves serving their customers with amazing products. SOFFE is used for all sports and activities! Track, Cheerleading, Dance, Basketball, Colorguard, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Camping, Hiking, Shopping, Hanging out, Anything!

SOFFE makes very cute unique clothes. SOFFE makes classic shorts with basic and non-basic colors. SOFFE also has accessories that go great with a pair of their shorts and T-shirt at an extremely affordable price! SOFFE also offers great discounts on a regular daily bases, making buying the latest sports gear even more affordable!

*Bottom Line: SOFFE is and awesome company for all types of people looking for great clothes and accessories!*


Hello, I’m Megan,
Imagine this; you’re at your track practice. You’ve spotted the guys over there, doing crunches. You make sure to make a good impression. You smile and turn away, but there is laughter everywhere. You search frantically around the field for what could be so funny. You look towards your friend, and spot that everyone is laughing and pointing at you. You glanced down at your shorts, which are totally riding up your butt! You are completely embarrassed. Great first impression you think. That can easily happen after a run and with the wrong shorts. It can happen after almost any kind of sport, with the wrong shorts! That’s why Soffe shorts are simply the best. They are so simple, and can be worn for ANYTHING! Sports, practices, swim covers, and just shorts in general. They are completely simple and cute! Soffe shorts come in an array of different colors. From black, to pink, to zebra print! They are amazing. Every girl will love them.


Soffe Craze
I caught the "Soffe Craze" 10 years ago, when I first started cheerleading. We got them as a team uniform item and I loved how they felt and let you be able to move in cheerleading. They didn't hinder from our jumps being high, they were comfortable, and they were super cute. I also loved how the inseam was so short, so you never got those irritating wedgies at jump practices. It started out with one pair back when I was 7, and now at 17 going on 18, I have at least 15 pairs. I have some multiples in the same color, so when one gets dirty I just throw on another pair!! Every time my mom and I go shopping at JC Penny or Belk, I don't go look at the shoes or the cute new dresses...I head straight for the Soffe shorts rack and see what colors they have in this month and pray that they have my size! And even if they don't I still will buy a Medium and just roll the waist band :) I hope to wear Soffes forever! They have helped me achieve my goals in cheerleading with their bright colors, flexibility, and its an overall great product that everyone should try!!

Do you have the "Soffe Craze"??



Female Athlete
A Wardrobe is essential for any trendy female athlete. All of the soffe products are stylish and at the same time functional. Soffe has a product for every sport out there. If you are a serious Cheerleader you can't live without at least 5 pairs of soffe cheer shorts. The newer Soffe football capris are an immediate essential for any active girl. weather you wear them for sports or just hanging with your friends they are an amazing choice. The Soffe company has always been there to combine fashion and sports to make sure all girls can look great playing the sports they love!


Hope you enjoyed reading all these great blog contributions. Please provide feedback on how you like them in the comment area.
If you would like to submit your own blog ideas or contribute to the Soffe blogs send your emails here: SFCfeedback[at]gmail.com <-- replace [at] with @

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion trends

Hey, hey, hey,

What up, Soffe fans? Funny thing about the word Soffe, it reminds me of tofu for some reason (it's better if you don't ask). Anyway, I think it's the f. 
Which reminds me that you don't know me.... Hey, I'm Thea. I'm 13 years old and that's pretty much all that's said on that level of interest. I like fashion, acting, reading, writing, dancing, singing, friends and all that good stuff. I'm partial to cookie cake and strawberry fruit bars, but I know when to stop. And work-out(that's where the Soffe shorts come in handy *wink, wink*).

Going on to a much better topic, I think  we should discuss fashion trends here. Now I know it's summer and all and lots of clothes that were on, get taken off and everyone goes walking around in thin layers. Now that's just fine, but there is taste.
First and only trend (I'll do more if you like, less if you don't) I want to discuss is.....the jumpsuits. Not my particular style, if you know what I mean. I just have a feeling that they're going to look like a clown suit or like a pair of overalls...from when you were way younger. And I mean, how much use are you going to get out of them? You can't put anything over it, unless you want it to look like you're carrying a feline around (crazy cat lady anyone?).  This picture happens to make it very business-y, but it isn't good on this model's hips.
  Yeah, I'd rather carry the cat around all day.
There is such a thing called outfits. That's a suit. Could be consider a dress or a one-piece. 
Variety is the spice of life and it seems to me that you're not going to get much spice out of that.
But everyone's got their options. That's why you should comment! Yeah, I see you over there with the Soffe shorts on. You've got an obsession reading blogs and you won't admit it. Just comment. Even if you type "this sucks" I'll be happy. Cuz who's gonna stop the bad blogging and weird opinions of the world? It better be you! 
Well I better stop being weird and figure how to get of italics.
Yours fashionably,
Thea :D 

Soffe Lover & Amazing Soccer Goalie

Originally uploaded by lilly.middleton

I love soffe so much because thay are so comfy. Whenever I get ready for a game, i throw on some soffes and chill, then I know that when it's time to get into my unifrom, I can get easily changed, my whole team loves soffe's, and i love them too! They are great to just hang out in and give you that comfy feeling, I love soffe's!


Comfortable and Sporty

Camera Pictures1 2240
Originally uploaded by caymin

Soffe shorts are amazing. I went from cheerleading to volleyball to track wearing Soffe shorts at every practice! They are really comfy, inexpensive and cute! I have always felt comfortable and sporty wearing them. I wear them when I am just hanging out with my friends, or when I go to a sleep over and I love the colors! They are really the best shorts to own! You can never have enough Soffe's!

Thank you so much!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Soffe's - Not just Shorts for cheerleading anymore.!

When I say the word Soffe, what do you automatically think of?

Probably the amazingly soft shorts with the white rolled-down waistband, right? When I got my box full of Soffe clothing, what I was expecting was, well, the Originals. Instead, I got a super-cute skirt. It's gray and I've named it my Official Tennis Skirt. I don't know why, but when I got this skirt (With the matching long-sleeved gray transparent Star shirt [yes,it's a set.]), it sort of inspired me to take up tennis again. Now, my dad and I go to the park every weekend and play tennis for at least an hour.! Again, like I said in my last post, I think that plenty of girls avoid exercising because they think that, "it's gross. I don't want to look ugly.". But now I LOVE going outside again, and playing soccer with my little brother. Because I look cute.! :)

Also, Soffe's aren't just for girls. Now they have Military, Men's and Women's designs that are sure to please. Maybe for Father's Day, you could purchase your dad a cool Adult Soffe Dri All Sports Jersey, which is stylish AND super-comfy. Or maybe a nice pair of Warmup pants, at the awesome price of $25.99.
Or maybe your little brother is joining a summer soccer team?

The "Youth Long Soccer Shorts" come in colors aplenty at a price that let's you afford aplenty.!

All in all, Soffe brand clothing is a fashion statement for anyone of any age of any gender.! :]

(source:all images from http://www.soffe.com )

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eulogy for a School Uniform

We gather here today to mourn the loss of a Catholic School Uniform. After the graduation of the senior-year high school student, Uniform was laid to rest at the bottom of the closet, buried under the sediment, and by that I mean cast-off handbags and shoes. Here we remember you, so that we may forever lay to rest unpleasant fashion memories.

Over-the-Ankle Socks: You covered our scandalous ankles from prying eyes. You were a very discrete, chunky band of white that streamlined the look of those good ol' Sperrys. As you know, there is nothing more obscene than a naked ankle. Thank you for protecting our modesty.

White Polo: The under-layer of this fashion team, you are the un-sung hero of this look. By pulling out the white collar over our sweater or sweatshirt, you granted us instant cool. Why pop your collar when you can pull it out from underneath your sweater, like a classy dame? Oh, and we must not forget to tuck you under our skirts, an un-tucked edge peeking out under a sweatshirt is an obstacle to success!

Gray Senior Sweatshirt: Ah, the Sacred Senior Sweatshirt. We wait for you for three years in our acrylic navy sweater, only to be disappointed by your unflattering puffy shape. You did nothing for our figures, but I can say we were the most fashionable gray clouds in the atmosphere.

Navy Blue Skirt: How could we forget you, Navy Blue Skirt? Your polyester-goodness was the cornerstone of the classic Catholic School-Girl uniform. So we never wore you at the correct length, so we rolled and unzipped your uncomfortable waistband, so we occasionally doctored you up with safety pins, duct tape, and even staples. You stuck with us...monday through friday from 8am to 2:45 pm. We will always remember our fond love-hate relationship (with less of the former), and vow never to wear navy again.

We will forever remember you, dear Uniform, but we think it best that you not haunt our style from the grave.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Review of Juniors Football Pant

M.J. Soffe Co.

  • Juniors size
  • 7.5 oz. 50/50 cotton/poly fleece
  • Lightweight fleece

not just for football :)

sara the stylista Louisville, Kentucky 4/29/2009


4 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Inseam: Feels true to length

Pros: Durable, Flattering, Comfortable

Cons: Elastic ankle

Best Uses: Sports, Casual Wear, Travel

Describe Yourself: Casual, Bargain Shopper, Classic, Eclectic

the only thing i would change is the uncomfortable elastic at the ankle, i have to cut it to get it looser and still it is tight


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancer? Cheerleader? Sporty gal? NO PROBLEM!

Hey! it's me, again! Today us cheerleaders, dancers, etc. don't find a lot of clothing durable, reliable, and comfortable all at once. That's exactly why we can rely on Soffe. The previous month i received a box full of soffe clothing. I loved the soffe shorts flip flops! They're really comfortable and they don't have any sign of breaking! I also loved the star it's white with transparent stars it goes along with anything i put on and is awesome for spring! Something else i got was a simple white tank, it's great for overlapping for daily use or just wear it with some soffe shorts for dance or cheer! I also got a soffe jersey at a cheer competition and love it, it's so comfortable and very trendy! I got mine personalized with my last name on the back and the front with "CHEER 13"!Everyone wants to know where i got these and i tell them all soffe! Right now there's about 15 people something listed!

i hope this helps your wardrobe!

flip flops

traditional soffe shorts=]

tank top


thanks for viewing!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion and Revolution

Dear beautiful friends,

In life, we are limited in many ways. All the regulations, the social niceties, and the pressure to maintain conformity in our world — we are bounded and shackled by everyone around us, and we don’t know it. It’s all about “don’t do you this” and “don’t do that”. We are constantly fed with what is appropriate and what isn’t, what is acceptable and what isn’t. We live with strings attached on our shoulders, obeying every action instructed by our ultimate puppet master: our own society.

Let me ask you now: How can you take back your freedom?

I say through fashion.

Fashion is indefinable. Fashion is you. Fashion is me. Fashion is us. Go on and walk down the street, see how many people are wearing identical outfits. Go on and see how many people, all donned in different clothes, are walking. The world truly is our runway, and we are all models. We must display what we wear, the clothes that speak for us, and rock the runway to our own beats. Put on those sunglasses. Put on those jeans. Put on that ridiculous shirt, the neon sneakers, the flashy earrings, and even that vintage hat! Wear a prom dress, a wedding dress, any dress, anything at all! For once, be an individual, a rebel. Be who you are. Be who you want to be.

A new era of reformation is coming, and it will be through fashion. Are you join the fun, or are you going to be watch by the sideline?

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Soffe has always been part of my life

Originally uploaded by NaturallyBasic

Soffe has always been apart of my life and has kept me active. I played basketball for 6 years and i've played softball for 7 years. I've always worn Soffe shorts cuz they're the BEST and not to expencieve! I have a pair of shorts from almost every major softball tournament and they have always been Soffe shorts!

<3 always,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This year I am running track at my high school for the first time. Being new to this sport, I was clueless on what would be the best kind of shorts to wear for long and hard runs. Because I didn't want to spend too much money on a few pairs of shorts that were for track, I started talking to some girls on my team about what kind of shorts they wore. Out of the ten girls I talked to, all of the told me that Soffe's were the BEST. I didn't no what could be so great about a pair of shorts until I bought some and wore them myself. They are GREAT. With having to run in the cold Ohio weather in mid-winter thru the spring they are awesome for track. They are very light and I have never found a pair of shorts that I am able to put a pair of track leggings underneath without them riding up. Also, they are not too short and they come in bright, fun colors which I absolutley love! I am so glad I found a pair of shorts and brand that is the absolute best:) My advice to every girl out there, if you are looking for a good but cheap pair of shorts, GO BUY A PAIR OF SOFFE SHORTS!