Monday, June 22, 2009

Are Sports shorts the Same thing as Soffe Shorts?

What do you think, are sports shorts Soffe shorts? Definetly NOT. But can Soffe shorts be sport shorts? HECK YEAH! Soffe shorts are the best thing to wear during sports practice. They're comfortable, and not too short. One time, I was at sports practice and I couldn;t find any other sports shorts, so I had to wear these really short, uncomfortable shorts. All through practice I was focusing on making sure my shorts didn't ride up my butt instead of focusing on the game. When I got my first pair of Soffe shorts, I was so happy because they were SO much more comfortable then the other shorts and the Soffe shorts weren't riding up my butt like the other one's were. The first practice that I wore my Soffe shorts was the best sports practice ever! Regular sports shorts will never be Soffe shorts, but Soffe shorts will always be sports shorts.I LOVE SOFFE SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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