Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Thing That Got me To blog!

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May 6th, 2009


            My life consists of a few things; friends, family, fashion, music, school, and of course my love life (which I wish I had more of). Fashion is about 15% of my life (okay so maybe it’s like 112% but who’s doing the math?). Now I know that there’s the phrase “looks don’t matter”, and they don’t... to an extent. What you’re wearing reflects who you are. Got on a pair of shorts right now? That means your active or it’s really hot wherever you are… Or maybe you’re wearing your schools logo or your team uniform, that means you like your school and you like your hobbies. Or maybe you’re not like that. Maybe you have a witty shirt on that says something like “I didn’t slap you, I high-fived you in the face,” or  “I’m not short, I’m fun-sized”.  Then, you like to laugh and make people laugh. Fashion reflects you.

            It also helps others determined who you are (which I don’t care what people think, be yourself, you’ll get through life easier, trust me, been there, done that). If you happen to wear the color purple a lot, someone might think that’s your favorite color, and ask you about it until you have a random thing between you and them where one of you goes “BARNEY!” and you both crack up.

            And my favorite part of fashion is when the opposite sex notices. No, I’m not saying dress sleazy or “inappropriately” but wear something that looks good on you. Don’t just buy pants that make you look so utterly ridiculous but everyone has them. That’s one of the top worst buys EVER (and I do mean ever). But I swear it’ll make your day if that cutie that you’re dying for says something nice about you’re outfit or compliments your hair.

            My favorite clothing has to be a tank or a cami. They just make you feel fun and outgoing and I don’t know about you, but they put me in a hilarious mood. Plus, guys notice, even when you have to put a hoodie over it. The outfit that looks the best on me probably would be a cami and a pair of Soffe shorts. I’m a short, tiny person with curves that I like to accent. I prefer looking like an hourglass (people don’t want you to be skinny anymore, they want you to be you, I read the magazines, I know these things).

            Well have fun in Fashion Town. Right now I hope it gets warmer, because I’m dying to go into my outfit of choice (OFC) shown above.

            Yours fashionably,


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