Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another trendy article - Monokinis, in style or not?

I've always wanted to be that guy that goes "HEYYYYYYY!" in all the top songs. Wouldn't that be awesome? Get paid so much money for a hey, and those are like almost every one's favorite parts. Anyway Soffe fans, some of you commented, so as we speak I'm like so high-fiveing you. Hypothetical high-fives everyone!
Ok, time for another trend. Whoo. Yeah. Fosizzle. What am I saying? Anywayz, it's summer time, which means it's bathing suit time. The latest bathing suit trend has been- the monokinis.
This bathing suit is so unrealistic to real body images. The only people who can pull this off are people with no hips (like that model in my other posting). And um, you're suppose to have hips. How else you gonna rock the Soffe shorts?
Have you seen Lady Gaga's music videos? She can't wear one for her life. I love her songs and voice, but she's got curves. Curves don't go in hip-widening bathing suits or leotards. You too, Beyonce.
Personally, I'd rather not look like a mad cow walking on the beach. I might wear the one with the one side out, because I don't think that's going to be disastrous. But the one with the stripes? Heck. No.
Now, I know the eighties were great. And I don't mind bringing some of the 80's back. But there is a limit. I'm drawing the line at monokinis! Whose with me?
It's all a matter of opinions of course. SO comment. Tell me yours. I not gong to send you nasty emails if you disagree. Although it may not look like it, I have a life.
Anyway, I hope I get a package of Soffe shorts soon. My one Soffe short is lonely. I really want the zebra ones. They look like fun. And I want a purple pair. Soffe has cute tops though too.... Hmmmm.
I better stop myself. Anyway....


Is all about options though


Anonymous said...

i don't have hips really so those swim suits look awesome on me! You also have to remember that those swim suits are usually first designed for models; they rarely ever have hips!

Anonymous said...

Ya totally the swim suits were originally designed for models.

XxCareBearXx said...

I think they have the potential to be cute, but I have yet to actually see one look good on a person. And even although, just as last summer, the monokinis can be found in stores all over, it's hard to find more than a handful of people who actually have the guts to wear them.
I think people, in the most part should stick to the traditional bikinis, their tanlines are also way more forgiving than those of the monokinis haha.