Monday, June 22, 2009


Kay, so, as I said before, Soffe shorts are, well, my life. They are the most comfortable,
ah-dorable items of clothing anyone could ever wear! They go well with everything! I love Soffe shorts! I have a pair of tie-dye shorts from Soffe and since tie-dye is all different colors, I could wear an orange, green, red, yellow, or blue shirt with them. Throw on a pair of Soffe flip-flops, some of Soffe's zebra print shorts, and one of those cute pink with a scoop neck shirts from Soffe and you're ready for the day. You're a walking Soffe model! The best thing about being a "Soffe model" is that you're so comfortable because Soffe clothes are always comfortable! And people wonder why everybody loves Soffe clothing. HA. HA. HA. Soffe clothes are my LIFE!

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