Monday, June 29, 2009

Yay! Soffe Stuff! ;D

What up? What up? What up?
I'm so stoked. I finally got Soffe stuff! I loved the colors, they're so bright and fun. They are comfortable and soft. I think that's why they call them Soffes (and yeah, I just figured that out). Anyway, although it took me like HOURS to take pictures, I did it! Soffe shorts are so unique, but yet you can make them match so much into your wardrobe. They're so amazhing I'm in awe. The shirt (tissue tee with hearts) was so soft and I felt like I could do back-bends, flips, etc. etc. But I'm not so flexible, so that one didn't work out.... I just got a box when I finish writing this full of purple stuff and that's also so beast. "I LOVE YOU SOFFEEEEEEE!" Anyway, you guys should so join the fan club, it's completely worth it.
Comment peeps,
:D thea :D

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