Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to be a High Jumper

High jumping is a great sport, but before you start jumping, there are a few things you should know.
For starters, high jumpers will need to decide what side they want to jump from. A good way to find out what is the best side for you to jump off of is to ask your self which foot you want to start with when you do a cartwheel. If you say your right foot then you want to stand on the left side so you can go off your right foot, and if you say left foot then you stand on the right.
Now it is time too work on your steps. A good way to find your steps is to take 10 running steps in a "j" shape from the standard on your side. (a standard is what holds the pole) Have a coach or friend mark where your 10th step is. A good run is about 5 paces straight and then on your 6th step you should start your curve in towards the bar. Be sure to jump close to the standard, and go off of one foot you've decided earlier.
As you jump to go over the bar, swing your arms straight up. This will help you get some heigth. When your going over the bar it is important to arch your back. Bend your knees and lift your hips over the bar.
By following the steps above, your on your way to being a great high jumper! Good luck and jump high!

-Amanda :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bittersweet flu

Wednesday night, March 4, 2009.

Here I sit, just getting over the flu. I went to school today, but it wasnt easy. My mom and dad picked me up from school Friday, and I was white as a ghost. My dad was on a four day leave from the military, where he has been on active duty since September 1, and I get sick. So much for an enjoyable family weekend.

On Saturday, my temperature was 103. Sunday, it came down to 102. Monday morning, my mom woke up sick. So, we both went to the doctor. He told me I should stay out of school untill Wednesday. Although I was sick, my mom still made me study on my days off school. Early Tuesday morning, my dad had to go back to the Military after a not so enjoyable weekend off. He should be getting sick right about now. Monday evening, my friend Whitney called and told me how some of the girls are bragging about cheerleader tryouts. Whitney is not going to get to try out, because her dad is sending her to another school next year.

Tuesday evening, Whitney calls again. This call was totally not what I had expected. She said, ''CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR A CHEERLEADER!'' I said ''WHAT?'' Then, she proceeded to tell me that only 10 cheerleaders had signed up, so we didn't have to tryout. At that point, you couldn't tell that I had the flu except for the way my voice sounded.

My poor mom, who was in her worst day of flu, couldn't do the flips that I knew she would turn if I made the team. If I hadn't made the team, me and my mom would have both been really depressed, because I have been a pee-wee cheerleader for the last seven years, ever since kindergarten. Anyway, my mom is feeling better, and wanted to go to town this evening. She waited all day for me to get out of school to go with her, but I just didn't feel like it. So, she went by herself. I was estatic when she got home, because she had picked me up three new pairs of soffe shorts for cheerleading practice. White, pink, and my favorite, brown and green plaid. I hope soffe comes out with some zebra print soon.


Juniors Twin Stripe Pants

These are like the perfect pants! They are super comfy and they are perfect to practice and work out in. The fit is great. Not too tight or too snug. I can't wait to buy more of these! =]

Soffe - It Can't Get Any Better!

Soffe – It Can’t Get Any Better!
Being a cheerleader means owning tons and tons of shorts! But purchasing so many can get expensive. The average cost of a pair of cheerleading shorts ranges from $15 to $20! That all adds up to a lot of money! But now, Soffe is what I buy! They only cost $7.99! That is half of the other brands! I first saw Soffe cheer shorts in an American Cheerleader Magazine, and fell in love with them immediately! Now every time I get a new T-Shirt, I go match it up with some Soffe Shorts! There is every color you could ever imagine, plus more! For now on out, Soffe will be the only brand of shorts I wear!
-Jessica S.

i like soffe shorts

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I like Soffee shorts because they are so comfortable, inexpensive, and easy to find. I love to wear them when im hanging out with friends, they have so many cute colors and designs! my advice is if you dont own and Soffe shorts, go out and get you some! :) thanks.

-haleyy :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, let's face it.. we all have our lazy moments. Even though some of us participate in sports like tennis, soccer, or gymnastics, sometimes we think, "Man, do I really have to go to practice today?"

And some of us, as much as we would love to cheerlead or dance, just can't seem to get the inspiration up to start. I'm one of those people, but here's a thought:
With some of the Soffe clothes, who wouldn't want to take up yoga? Recently, I was looking through a Soffe catalogue with my mom, and she saw this pair of black yoga pants..and she pretty much fell in love.

Now, who wouldn't want to exercise with all these cute clothes Soffe has to offer?

Exercising isn't all sweat and ugly t-shirts. Liven it up and make a statement with Soffe Cheer or Soffe Yoga clothes!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

the perfect oxymoron

Everyone loves the look and feel of an old tee. There is something mysterious about the allure of that old, ratty shirt that keeps us wearing it down to the last wash. Is it the memories made in this sacred item that seem to have worn away the threads, endearing us to the clothes we have worn on those random nights of sleepovers or the victory of winning a game? Is it a badge of honor, reflecting life and it's joys, as well as it's challenges?

Whatever the reason is, the vintage tee will always be a classic staple. But what if some of us never held on to that perfectly worn-in tee? That's the beauty of this Juniors Graphic Carrier Tri-Blend Tee. It has that worn-in, plucked-from-the-vintage-rack feel, without the hassle of waiting decades for this process to occur naturally.

So now you can make new memories to attach to your tee.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Review of Soffe Slicks

M.J. Soffe Co.

  • Adult size
  • 100% Nylon
  • Bound V-notch legs
  • 2¾” inseam on size 2XS, 3” on size XS, 3¾” on sizes S & M, 4” on sizes L & XL
  • Self-covered elastic waistband
  • Felled seams

slicks for chicks

Sara Murphy (Soffe Fan Club Blog) Louisville, Kentucky 3/1/2009


5 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: High Quality, Nice Color, Versatile, Breathable, Comfortable, Flattering, Washes Well, Stylish

Cons: Wears Easily

Best Uses: Casual Wear, SPORTS WEAR

Describe Yourself: Trendy/Stylish Dresser

reasons why these are THE best soffe shorts:

1. you can literally wash them in the sink with soap and water if there is no washer nearby

2. great to wear to the beach, pool, or theme park (they dry super quick)

3. if it's summer time the light nylon is really breathable and you don't feel as much pesky sweat

4. these are so light they feel almost like a second skin, great for layering under skirts and such (for a little extra coverage on blustery days)

5. tons of bright colors to suit any look or mood

6. very affordable (so you can get a bunch and not feel guilty)

7. weirdly enough, something about the feel of nylon reminds me of those classic Prada backpacks (you know the ones) or the feel of a parka when you are camping in the woods...yes, very random indeed

Shop for these Nylon Shorts on Soffe.com