Friday, March 13, 2009

the perfect oxymoron

Everyone loves the look and feel of an old tee. There is something mysterious about the allure of that old, ratty shirt that keeps us wearing it down to the last wash. Is it the memories made in this sacred item that seem to have worn away the threads, endearing us to the clothes we have worn on those random nights of sleepovers or the victory of winning a game? Is it a badge of honor, reflecting life and it's joys, as well as it's challenges?

Whatever the reason is, the vintage tee will always be a classic staple. But what if some of us never held on to that perfectly worn-in tee? That's the beauty of this Juniors Graphic Carrier Tri-Blend Tee. It has that worn-in, plucked-from-the-vintage-rack feel, without the hassle of waiting decades for this process to occur naturally.

So now you can make new memories to attach to your tee.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah I used to love making my own shirts (print out and iron-on) and they feel awesome old feel because the ink isn't super heavy.