Monday, March 30, 2009

Soffe - It Can't Get Any Better!

Soffe – It Can’t Get Any Better!
Being a cheerleader means owning tons and tons of shorts! But purchasing so many can get expensive. The average cost of a pair of cheerleading shorts ranges from $15 to $20! That all adds up to a lot of money! But now, Soffe is what I buy! They only cost $7.99! That is half of the other brands! I first saw Soffe cheer shorts in an American Cheerleader Magazine, and fell in love with them immediately! Now every time I get a new T-Shirt, I go match it up with some Soffe Shorts! There is every color you could ever imagine, plus more! For now on out, Soffe will be the only brand of shorts I wear!
-Jessica S.

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