Monday, March 30, 2009

Bittersweet flu

Wednesday night, March 4, 2009.

Here I sit, just getting over the flu. I went to school today, but it wasnt easy. My mom and dad picked me up from school Friday, and I was white as a ghost. My dad was on a four day leave from the military, where he has been on active duty since September 1, and I get sick. So much for an enjoyable family weekend.

On Saturday, my temperature was 103. Sunday, it came down to 102. Monday morning, my mom woke up sick. So, we both went to the doctor. He told me I should stay out of school untill Wednesday. Although I was sick, my mom still made me study on my days off school. Early Tuesday morning, my dad had to go back to the Military after a not so enjoyable weekend off. He should be getting sick right about now. Monday evening, my friend Whitney called and told me how some of the girls are bragging about cheerleader tryouts. Whitney is not going to get to try out, because her dad is sending her to another school next year.

Tuesday evening, Whitney calls again. This call was totally not what I had expected. She said, ''CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR A CHEERLEADER!'' I said ''WHAT?'' Then, she proceeded to tell me that only 10 cheerleaders had signed up, so we didn't have to tryout. At that point, you couldn't tell that I had the flu except for the way my voice sounded.

My poor mom, who was in her worst day of flu, couldn't do the flips that I knew she would turn if I made the team. If I hadn't made the team, me and my mom would have both been really depressed, because I have been a pee-wee cheerleader for the last seven years, ever since kindergarten. Anyway, my mom is feeling better, and wanted to go to town this evening. She waited all day for me to get out of school to go with her, but I just didn't feel like it. So, she went by herself. I was estatic when she got home, because she had picked me up three new pairs of soffe shorts for cheerleading practice. White, pink, and my favorite, brown and green plaid. I hope soffe comes out with some zebra print soon.


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