Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, let's face it.. we all have our lazy moments. Even though some of us participate in sports like tennis, soccer, or gymnastics, sometimes we think, "Man, do I really have to go to practice today?"

And some of us, as much as we would love to cheerlead or dance, just can't seem to get the inspiration up to start. I'm one of those people, but here's a thought:
With some of the Soffe clothes, who wouldn't want to take up yoga? Recently, I was looking through a Soffe catalogue with my mom, and she saw this pair of black yoga pants..and she pretty much fell in love.

Now, who wouldn't want to exercise with all these cute clothes Soffe has to offer?

Exercising isn't all sweat and ugly t-shirts. Liven it up and make a statement with Soffe Cheer or Soffe Yoga clothes!!

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