Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion trends

Hey, hey, hey,

What up, Soffe fans? Funny thing about the word Soffe, it reminds me of tofu for some reason (it's better if you don't ask). Anyway, I think it's the f. 
Which reminds me that you don't know me.... Hey, I'm Thea. I'm 13 years old and that's pretty much all that's said on that level of interest. I like fashion, acting, reading, writing, dancing, singing, friends and all that good stuff. I'm partial to cookie cake and strawberry fruit bars, but I know when to stop. And work-out(that's where the Soffe shorts come in handy *wink, wink*).

Going on to a much better topic, I think  we should discuss fashion trends here. Now I know it's summer and all and lots of clothes that were on, get taken off and everyone goes walking around in thin layers. Now that's just fine, but there is taste.
First and only trend (I'll do more if you like, less if you don't) I want to discuss is.....the jumpsuits. Not my particular style, if you know what I mean. I just have a feeling that they're going to look like a clown suit or like a pair of overalls...from when you were way younger. And I mean, how much use are you going to get out of them? You can't put anything over it, unless you want it to look like you're carrying a feline around (crazy cat lady anyone?).  This picture happens to make it very business-y, but it isn't good on this model's hips.
  Yeah, I'd rather carry the cat around all day.
There is such a thing called outfits. That's a suit. Could be consider a dress or a one-piece. 
Variety is the spice of life and it seems to me that you're not going to get much spice out of that.
But everyone's got their options. That's why you should comment! Yeah, I see you over there with the Soffe shorts on. You've got an obsession reading blogs and you won't admit it. Just comment. Even if you type "this sucks" I'll be happy. Cuz who's gonna stop the bad blogging and weird opinions of the world? It better be you! 
Well I better stop being weird and figure how to get of italics.
Yours fashionably,
Thea :D 


Anonymous said...

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Rosie Posie Dancer said...

As you see that model doesn't really have hips!