Monday, May 25, 2009

Soffe's - Not just Shorts for cheerleading anymore.!

When I say the word Soffe, what do you automatically think of?

Probably the amazingly soft shorts with the white rolled-down waistband, right? When I got my box full of Soffe clothing, what I was expecting was, well, the Originals. Instead, I got a super-cute skirt. It's gray and I've named it my Official Tennis Skirt. I don't know why, but when I got this skirt (With the matching long-sleeved gray transparent Star shirt [yes,it's a set.]), it sort of inspired me to take up tennis again. Now, my dad and I go to the park every weekend and play tennis for at least an hour.! Again, like I said in my last post, I think that plenty of girls avoid exercising because they think that, "it's gross. I don't want to look ugly.". But now I LOVE going outside again, and playing soccer with my little brother. Because I look cute.! :)

Also, Soffe's aren't just for girls. Now they have Military, Men's and Women's designs that are sure to please. Maybe for Father's Day, you could purchase your dad a cool Adult Soffe Dri All Sports Jersey, which is stylish AND super-comfy. Or maybe a nice pair of Warmup pants, at the awesome price of $25.99.
Or maybe your little brother is joining a summer soccer team?

The "Youth Long Soccer Shorts" come in colors aplenty at a price that let's you afford aplenty.!

All in all, Soffe brand clothing is a fashion statement for anyone of any age of any gender.! :]

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