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Soffe Fan Club member's - Blog Contributions!

Below are a few blog contributions Fan Club members sent in. Enjoy reading! :)

Best Friend
From day one, Soffe shorts have been my best friend! There is so many ways to mix and match them. For instance, if you have a white shirt with red sleeves, don't buy white Soffe shorts, buy a pair of red. TRUST ME!!! It's so cute. Now, time to talk about school colors. I know what you're thinking....Oh My Gosh!!!!! What in the world do I where to the homecoming game??? How about instead of freaking out, try scoping out for cute tops and shorts to match. My school colors are maroon and navy blue. This year I bought a homecoming shirt from my school that was grey and on the back it had a red guitar and in blue letters it said "Rockin to a Redskin Victory!" Thanks to Soffe, I looked so much cuter than I ever have. I wore my homecoming shirt with a pair of navy Soffe shorts. Of course I accessorized, too. My friends couldn't believe it was really me! And... I owe it all to Soffe. Now it's your turn. Dare to be a different. Don't follow trends, set them! Mix and match outfits! Get some clothes out of your dresser, put them on your bed, and change them up. And.......DON'T FORGET TO BUY LOTS OF SOFFE ITEMS!!!!!!!! Shorts, Tanks, EVERTHING!

~ Emily O.


By: Plansahead
For the girls out there who just love to wear their Soffes all the time. This is for you! Soffes are great for anything from playing basketball to good times with your friends. Either way, Soffes can bring out personality traits and they can show that little bit of peppiness that everyone has. Soffes are great and can show so much. Who knew that one little thing like Soffes could show so much in a person? Well at least we can finally show some personality with a great sense of flair.


By: Plansahead
Soffe. The name known to all girls in the United States of America. Soffes are an amazing little brand of clothing that you can wear just about anywhere. On long car trips with family or friends. Going to the grocery store to get some milk. Or just hanging out with friends. Soffes can match your personality and your sense of style. They can go with just about anything. And there are so many different colors and styles that it may be hard just to choose one! But Soffes are so comfortable as well! They amazed me when I got my first pair because when I had other shorts they were so itchy and uncomfortable around the waist, but Soffes changed all that. Now I wear them wherever I go and love it! Tell everyone about the super cute and extra comfy shorts, skirts, and shirts that we love!


Soffe Shorts are the BEST
Soffe shorts come in just about every color of the rainbow so you can wear them with anything! Whether its dressing them up and wearing a cute shirt and sandels with them, or wearing them while playing sports. Soffe shorts are SOO versatile because you match them with just about anything. Another reason I love Soffe shorts so much is because they are inexpensive and you can find them at pretty much any stores that sell sport clothes. I wear Soffe shorts for school, track, tennis, to bed, to the beach, hanging out, and basically everything else I do and they are by far the best shorts I own.
-Amanda :)


SOFFE is an amazing company, making products for athletic and regular people. SOFFE is a clothing company that has amazed its buyers with outstanding, high quality, and stylish clothes and accessories.

SOFFE serves people of all ages, size, and gender. SOFFE loves serving their customers with amazing products. SOFFE is used for all sports and activities! Track, Cheerleading, Dance, Basketball, Colorguard, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Camping, Hiking, Shopping, Hanging out, Anything!

SOFFE makes very cute unique clothes. SOFFE makes classic shorts with basic and non-basic colors. SOFFE also has accessories that go great with a pair of their shorts and T-shirt at an extremely affordable price! SOFFE also offers great discounts on a regular daily bases, making buying the latest sports gear even more affordable!

*Bottom Line: SOFFE is and awesome company for all types of people looking for great clothes and accessories!*


Hello, I’m Megan,
Imagine this; you’re at your track practice. You’ve spotted the guys over there, doing crunches. You make sure to make a good impression. You smile and turn away, but there is laughter everywhere. You search frantically around the field for what could be so funny. You look towards your friend, and spot that everyone is laughing and pointing at you. You glanced down at your shorts, which are totally riding up your butt! You are completely embarrassed. Great first impression you think. That can easily happen after a run and with the wrong shorts. It can happen after almost any kind of sport, with the wrong shorts! That’s why Soffe shorts are simply the best. They are so simple, and can be worn for ANYTHING! Sports, practices, swim covers, and just shorts in general. They are completely simple and cute! Soffe shorts come in an array of different colors. From black, to pink, to zebra print! They are amazing. Every girl will love them.


Soffe Craze
I caught the "Soffe Craze" 10 years ago, when I first started cheerleading. We got them as a team uniform item and I loved how they felt and let you be able to move in cheerleading. They didn't hinder from our jumps being high, they were comfortable, and they were super cute. I also loved how the inseam was so short, so you never got those irritating wedgies at jump practices. It started out with one pair back when I was 7, and now at 17 going on 18, I have at least 15 pairs. I have some multiples in the same color, so when one gets dirty I just throw on another pair!! Every time my mom and I go shopping at JC Penny or Belk, I don't go look at the shoes or the cute new dresses...I head straight for the Soffe shorts rack and see what colors they have in this month and pray that they have my size! And even if they don't I still will buy a Medium and just roll the waist band :) I hope to wear Soffes forever! They have helped me achieve my goals in cheerleading with their bright colors, flexibility, and its an overall great product that everyone should try!!

Do you have the "Soffe Craze"??



Female Athlete
A Wardrobe is essential for any trendy female athlete. All of the soffe products are stylish and at the same time functional. Soffe has a product for every sport out there. If you are a serious Cheerleader you can't live without at least 5 pairs of soffe cheer shorts. The newer Soffe football capris are an immediate essential for any active girl. weather you wear them for sports or just hanging with your friends they are an amazing choice. The Soffe company has always been there to combine fashion and sports to make sure all girls can look great playing the sports they love!


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