Thursday, August 14, 2008

Become a Soffe contributor for our blog!

Grab those keyboards and start typing! 

We are looking for some new and interesting voices in the social media space to add to our team as blogging contributors.

If you can write about subjects like fashion, style, trends, and product reviews, also athletes who can write about sports tips, cheers, how-to/tutorials you will be a perfect fit. 

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please send an example or two of your online work (other blog postings or articles you have written) to us at SFCfeedback [at] gmail [dot] com. We will follow up with additional questions and details.

**If you like you may also submit a sample article about the Soffe Brand, we may post it on our blog with your name on the article as the writer. **



Anonymous said...

for those who are looking, the word of the day is "contributor"

emily said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to get the 5th code but it says the link is enabled or something so it won't come up!!!!!!!!!