Monday, August 18, 2008

Photo of the week Winner! 08/18/2008

My name is Elba and this is a picture for the soffe fan club photo contest of the week. This is a picture of me(second girl from left to right) and my best friends Taylor (first left) Emily (middle) Maureen (right) and Alex (girl sitting with her legs up).

I love Soffe's! I think I have more Soffe's than underwear! :D Since I dance and do volleyball almost everyday of the week I use Soffe's allot! And I absolutely love to use soffes for sleepovers! Because in sleepovers I dance, sing and do a ton of stuff with my friends and Soffe's are cute and comfortable to do anything I want. Me and my friends love to customize our Soffe's so sometimes we get permanent markers, paint and anything we can find around the house to decorate our Soffe's! And I also love using the Soffe hoodies there really comfortable and there perfect for school cause they match with almost all my wardrobe. Me and my friends love Soffe's so much that sometimes we go to and we spend ours looking and shopping for Soffe stuff!


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