Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEW FAD : be who you want to BE!!!

trends, fads ... who can keep up with them it's nearly impossible!!! i mean who invents them... what and or who gives them a right to say and judge that uggs or plaid skirts (ect.) aren't in any more !!
So DON'T keep up with the trends !!! Be daring .. Be different !! just BE YOU!! who cares if you don't own a pair of strappy gladiator slippers (although very cute). if people are judging you on what you have or don't have they obviously have nothing better to do and are trying to put you down to make themselves feel better. People say that I'm a hypocrite because i wear fad clothes and then tell people not to wear fad clothes .. but I'm not .. see if i see something i like i wear it !! if its trendy or not I'm going to wear it because i want to not because i feel obligated too. so its okay to wear trendy clothes .. but don't JUST wear trendy clothes because there the new thing and that everyone else is wearing it. So be who you want to be !! be you. be yourself
and no matter what people say and think of you it doesn't matter , the only thing that matters is what YOU think of YOURSELF ..
and if your worried that people will think your weird because of those clothes .. don't get all nervous and start doubting yourself .
So remember The best thing you can do is be confident being yourself !!
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Amanda said...

That is soo true!! I wish more people were like you!!:)

McKenzie said...

I love ur blog about just being urself. I try to do that just to say I am not a girly girl type. I am a southern girl. All my friends wear all this designer things and I try but I never rally like wearing them. All the popular kids in my school make fun of me cause I don t wear them. But I love how u say just be urself. Every since I read ur blog i feel more comfortble wearing my kind of clothes and I put my sence of style in it.

lavishluau said...

I totally agree. Although the idea to be yourself and resist peer pressure is common, it is nice to read it. What do you do specifically to be confident while also being yourself?

I am very fortunate to live in Honolulu where it is usually warm I can almost always dress in shorts, flip-flops and tank-tops, I think that being able to dress comfortably helps build confidence because when you feel relaxed, you can more easily be yourself.

Tara do you live in the 808 State? What is your favorite clothing?

Anonymous said...

so true!! wear what u want and maybe you'll start a trend and it won't matter if you trendy like in the magazines you'll be your own trend! so be yourself! start a trend!



Tara808 said...

THANX SOOOO MUCH I REALLY APPRICIATE COMMENTS LIKE YOURS!!!! I MEAN I DONT GET SOME PEOPLE ONLY WEARING designer and brand name clothes !!!! but if u like it wear it but dont just wear it because of the name!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I do live in the 808 state, and my favorite clothing is.... Honestly my bathing suit and my beach dress^^ but other than that i dont really have a favorite...i lyk giving myself options!!!
but i love my jean skirt and a thin strap shirt!!

please comment and leave what your favorite shops are !!!