Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion and Revolution

Dear beautiful friends,

In life, we are limited in many ways. All the regulations, the social niceties, and the pressure to maintain conformity in our world — we are bounded and shackled by everyone around us, and we don’t know it. It’s all about “don’t do you this” and “don’t do that”. We are constantly fed with what is appropriate and what isn’t, what is acceptable and what isn’t. We live with strings attached on our shoulders, obeying every action instructed by our ultimate puppet master: our own society.

Let me ask you now: How can you take back your freedom?

I say through fashion.

Fashion is indefinable. Fashion is you. Fashion is me. Fashion is us. Go on and walk down the street, see how many people are wearing identical outfits. Go on and see how many people, all donned in different clothes, are walking. The world truly is our runway, and we are all models. We must display what we wear, the clothes that speak for us, and rock the runway to our own beats. Put on those sunglasses. Put on those jeans. Put on that ridiculous shirt, the neon sneakers, the flashy earrings, and even that vintage hat! Wear a prom dress, a wedding dress, any dress, anything at all! For once, be an individual, a rebel. Be who you are. Be who you want to be.

A new era of reformation is coming, and it will be through fashion. Are you join the fun, or are you going to be watch by the sideline?

Hugs and kisses,

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