Thursday, August 20, 2009

Most comfortable shorts I own

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I love my soffe shorts because i do just about EVERYTHING in them. I wear them when i go to the beach, the gym, cheerleading practice, at home, school, and when i travel. Soffe shorts are the most comfortable shorts i own. What makes them special is that they come in a bunch of cool colors, and different designs. My favorite is zebra:) I love soffe shorts so much that i own more than 20 pairsss!!!!!! and i cant wait till i get some more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Soffe shorts are simply amazing <3

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Soffe shorts are the best shorts ever!

Soffe shorts are articles of clothing that I have collected the most of. Not just because they are EXTREMELY cute :) and look great with just about everything, whether I'm at cheerleading practice, volunteering at a recreational center; to even chilling at home with my family or even just at the pool. Soffes are the perfect and ideal attire when it comes to what I want to and need to wear. Living in Miami, Florida has an unspoken yet well known rule that a pair (in my case a dozen or more) of shorts are necessary. The majority, if not all girls prefer to wear soffe shorts over jeans shorts and plaid shorts because they are comfortable and extremely stylish. It can be said that soffe shorts are classics. NEVER to go out of style. If your on the run and in a rush just do what I do. Grab a pair of soffe shorts in any of the MANY (and I mean MANY) colors put them on quick and your set. You will look stylish, sleek, neat, you name it! Soffe shorts can aid you in the search for that look. All the reasons above and more are why I not only ||_ (0) \\// |E but adore soffe shorts too. It's simply amazing how something so simple... can look so great :) .