Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hot Legs

Well Girls, the day has finally come for you to cover up those bare tummy-tum tums and focus on another body part - your legs. Yes, those long ignored glamorous gams have muscled their way to the fashion forefront. Bare or sheathed in capri leggings- take a fresh step forward into the Spring and Summer.
You have loads of choices to dress your bottom half. Short skirts and dresses (use some decorum here girls, modesty is the way to go), tailored shorts, bermudas, pedal pushers and capris. All these can be worn with strappy sandals, sporty wedges or some sophisticated ballet flats.
And don't forget about layering. Those little lycra legging capris/pedal pushers look adorable under short skirts and dresses. Don't limit yourself to black...bright colors under that denim skirt are as fresh as summer sorbets.

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