Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Baby, I'm A Star!

Long the trademark of movie stars, divas and poseurs...Sunglasses do a serve a purpose. They first appeared on the scene in the mid-nineteenth century in the form of tinted lenses that protected weary eyes. I am sure not too many soldiers showed up for duty at the Battle of Gettysburg sporting avaitor Ray Bans ...but I digress.
Truly, the first I can remember seeing sunglasses show up as a fashion accessory was in the 1920's. I wasn't actually there..BUT...those flappers were trendsetters.
When Hollywood became the IT place to see and be seen in 1940's, stars & starlets donned sunglasses so they could watch who was watching them without anyone being the wiser. Sunglass style has been in and out of the forefront since then. Jackie O, Janice Joplin, Tom Cruise (Risky Business & Top Gun) and those celebs who are "simply" famous for being famous (I refuse to actually name them-you know who they are!)- all these style setters have brought back the focus on sunglasses.
And so here we are in the new Millenium discussing the one fashion accessory that serves both a true health function and fashion form.
Let's take a look at the styles of 2007:


Coach Frames
Jeweled frames first appeared in the 1950's.Who needs jewelry with this kind of bling!...hmmmm let me rethink that.

Top Gun:

Gucci Frames
Ray-Ban really did invent the aviator style for actual pilots in the 1930's. Copied, updated, refreshed..whatever-they remain a classic.

Capri Sun:

Armani Frames
Think Jackie O and Sophia Loren. That is who The Olsen Twins and other "celebs" are trying to emulate. Nothing wrong with being inspired by a fashion icon..if you do it right you may be on your way to becoming one yourself!

Bright Lights:

Roger Vivier Frames
Electrify your look with the neon "shades" straight off the runway!
You will stand out in a crowd of tortiseshells.

Okay..I hear what you are saying...but all these are designer frames. I don't have that kind of money. Well Honey- you don't have to. Shop your local stores and you will find similar styles and colors. Don't forget that UV protection in your lenses. By showing you the designer lines -I am simply laying the foundation for you to find you own style!
Experiment and have fun. You can change your look every day.
Don't forget- Baby, You're a Star!

*itunes check- look up Baby, I'm A Star, by Prince. It is Fab!

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