Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the Week

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the Week WinnerWhat can I say about soffes? Well, to start off I can say that they are the best shorts ever! The shorts are so comfortable and I love them. Soffe has many different products out and all of them are great! I feel comfortable enough to wear the products anywhere I go. I wear soffe shorts to the mall or to practice. I can wear my sweater when it's chilly to school or outside. I can wear the products anywhere, anytime. I absolutely love soffes! They are officially the best shorts ever made.

- Alicia

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fan Club - photo of the week

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the week winnerHi, my name is Jordyn. This is a photo of me at a dance performance. I am on a dance team at my high school. We would hold practices every day except friday, and soffe shorts are the most comfortable thing to be wearing, while dancing for 2 hours. They're so comfortable and easy to move around in--definitely the best shorts for all athletes! I love them sooo much!!! I have a gray and navy pair which I wear practically every day, whether I'm just hanging out, listening to my i-pod or dancing. They're awesome!!! I even sleep in them! I would never buy a different pair of shorts to hang out in, soffe's are definitely the best!! Thanks for making such an amazing short!!

Jordyn <3

Photo of the week winners

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the week winnerHi my name is Jessica and im the one on the right.The one on the left is my best friend AnnMarie and she and I are the same age. That pic is us on Twin day at school.

We both love soffes so much!!!


Soffe Fan Club - photo of the week

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the week winnerOn this photo, to the left is Teddie, and in the middle is me, and to the right is Erin.

I absolutely LOVE the football capri. When exactly do they come out and how much are the going to be! I want to buy them right away! Thanks


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Girl Punk Style

Girl Punk StyleHave you ever seen I Love the '80's on VH1? WORD!
Then you will have a grasp of one of the trends for Spring.
I have been telling you about the '80's flashback trends- but it isn't all hyper-brights and high-top Reeboks..It is also HARD CORE PUNK - YEAH!..?? Okay - maybe not so hard core.
Maybe more Candy Coated Punk. Think Avril Lavigne. Having lived through the 2nd round of the Punk Scene in New York City and London in the EIGHTIES- I think she is a "wanna- be punker"- let's call her a "punkster." I mean that in a good way. The total grunge, rebel punk is not what this trend is about. It is a mix of Toni Basil, "Like a Virgin" era Madonna, The Ramones, The Waitresses and the Go-Go's. NOT The Sex Pistols. No tattoos and safety- pin piercings- please.
Sooo, I'll give you some ideas.
1. Hot Pink & Bright Yellow
2. Retro Punk Graphic tees
3. Striped and colorful smock tops.
4. Bright leggings worn with short skirts.
5. Layering to create your own aesthetic. Layer colors, textures and lengths.
6. Layering necklaces. Yes- Madonna did actually set trends way back when.
7. Flat shoes and Converse low rise sneakers - the ones with white top caps.
8. Colored or overdyed jeans- skinny ones ( wear them now- you won't touch them afer you are 26.)
9. Patches and logo jackets.
10. Denim skirts.

Be on the look out for beginnings of Retro Goth.

I am sorry to tell all you young things- that it is true ...what goes around comes around. Your Mother did wear it before you... but a trend never comes back the same way. Make any new trend your own!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Gotta have my Soffes contest!

Gotta have my soffes contestWe started a new contest called "Gotta Have My Soffes", if your not a member of the Soffe Fan Club you need to join now so you can be part of this contest!

do you have 30 or more soffes? do you have a digital camera? if you answered yes to both of these questions, you're gonna love the gotta have my soffes contest! if you send us an email with a picture of you and your 30 or more soffes, you will win a free pair of soffe shorts signed by Mr. Soffe!
Click here to enter

Soffe Fan Club - photo of the week winner

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the week winnerthanx so much for the stuff!!!!!
i luv them so much..... I will make sure that i will get people to join the Soffe Fan Club. i know if i have fun then they will too..... i feel that it is an honor to be part of your website.. well here is a photo of me in the cloths you sent..... once again thanx


Photo of the Week winner for Soffe Fan Club

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the week winnerMy name is Shannon and i've always wanted to model. I wear your soffe shorts almost everywhere I go. To cheer, my friends, to bed, open gyms, home, and sometimes school! I think this would be a great opportunity for me. I have watched modeling shows all day, and night. Every second I dream of being a model myself. I've never imagined modeling your shorts though. It is so cool. Your soffe shorts are just so comfortable. Thanks for your time!


Hot Legs

Well Girls, the day has finally come for you to cover up those bare tummy-tum tums and focus on another body part - your legs. Yes, those long ignored glamorous gams have muscled their way to the fashion forefront. Bare or sheathed in capri leggings- take a fresh step forward into the Spring and Summer.
You have loads of choices to dress your bottom half. Short skirts and dresses (use some decorum here girls, modesty is the way to go), tailored shorts, bermudas, pedal pushers and capris. All these can be worn with strappy sandals, sporty wedges or some sophisticated ballet flats.
And don't forget about layering. Those little lycra legging capris/pedal pushers look adorable under short skirts and dresses. Don't limit yourself to black...bright colors under that denim skirt are as fresh as summer sorbets.