Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photo of the week winner!

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the Week Winner

In the small town where I live, Soffe is a name that’s well known. Almost every girl has at least one pair of Soffe shorts, and we all have the same opinion about them, they’re the greatest thing ever invented!
Not only are they very comfortable and stylish to wear, they are not too high priced and everyone can afford them, but other brands can be high priced and expensive (and usually less comfy and stylish).
My friends and I love our Soffe’s so much, we wear them everywhere! We even wear them in our JROTC program at school during physical training.
I want to thank Mr. Soffe for creating the original Soffe shorts, and everyone else who contributed to help make the world’s best pair of shorts!

-South Carolina

Latest trends for spring 08 - hippie mermaids and punk ballerinas

While flipping through the latest issue of WWD (Women's Wear Daily Fashion Newspaper) the Quote of the Week hit real close to home -

"Today we do in one year what we used to do in 10 years." - fashion designer Max Azria on the pace of fashion today.

I have to admit - fashion has been hard to keep up with lately. It's like I need to replace my whole wardrobe every year. One day its punk, the next its bohemian and seconds later everyone is going eighties!

One thing is for sure - we are reaching out to our roots. And we are not discriminating! The twenties through the eighties all have viable trend influence. I've even seeing some trends emerging from the nineties - grunge back already, I'm getting old!
I'm telling you - I can't keep up!

So - as I am writing this I am simultaneously reading WWD and it sounds as if the latest trend is "hippie mermaids and punk ballerinas" - are they serious? I don't get it.

I guess I'm here to help you ladies (and fashionable men) try to make sense of it all. I'm going to give it my best shot. These are the trends I feel strongest about for Spring 2008 and into back to school.

From shorts to dresses you will see tons of prints this season! Abstract prints and Mod prints are the hottest. I am even starting to see some paint splatters that look very eighties!

This is a big one! I was in Vegas last week at a fashion show and the hottest thing on the runway had to be the environment. They were showing organic tees and bamboo leggings. All the styles were printed with the "recycle" logo or "organic" looks. Those recycled bags you carry to the grocery store instead of plastic are totally trending now too.

The arts and crafts movement happened in Great Britain and America in the last years of the nineteenth century and it's all about representing with your handiwork! Some examples would be changing out your boring buttons on your blouse with some funky vintage buttons you found at the local thrift shop. "Get-noticed" accessories (especially chucky necklaces) that maybe you hand crafted after-school or in art class are also fit in this category.

Color is back! Keeping an outfit simple but boosting the look with a bright beautiful color will totally freshen up your look! Do not be afraid of trying a super bright hot pink or a neon green this season. You will stand out from the crowd!

Hope this helps! Whoa - there goes another punk ballerina! I guess it is a trend!