Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photo of the week winner!

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the Week Winner

In the small town where I live, Soffe is a name that’s well known. Almost every girl has at least one pair of Soffe shorts, and we all have the same opinion about them, they’re the greatest thing ever invented!
Not only are they very comfortable and stylish to wear, they are not too high priced and everyone can afford them, but other brands can be high priced and expensive (and usually less comfy and stylish).
My friends and I love our Soffe’s so much, we wear them everywhere! We even wear them in our JROTC program at school during physical training.
I want to thank Mr. Soffe for creating the original Soffe shorts, and everyone else who contributed to help make the world’s best pair of shorts!

-South Carolina

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