Monday, March 3, 2008

Fresh Face contest opportunity - thank you!

Letter from Soffe Fan:

Dear Dottie Dye (Soffe)

Thank you for the opportunity to be in the Fresh Face of Soffe Contest.
I saw the winner, Dede, in Cosmo Girl and I must say that being an athlete makes me competitive, and I don’t like to lose, but when I do, I like to lose to someone as talented as Dede.

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a mistake when you sent me all those Soffe clothes because that made my year – if not longer! I absolutely love everything you sent me. When you told me on the phone you were sending me some clothes, I thought it might be a pair of my favorite shorts and I was excited about that. I never could have imagined getting that many items of clothing at once. I had so much fun unpacking that big box and trying everything on and I loved wearing all my Soffe clothes.

Thanks you again for the amazing opportunity to be in the Fresh Face of Soffe Contest, as well as for all those wonderful clothes.



Soffe's Response:

Dear Holli,

Thanks for taking the time to write; I am so glad you like the clothes.

It was a very tough decision to pick the Fresh Face winner because of so many wonderful contestants like you.

You have a wonderful sportsmanship attitude. Keep in touch.


Dottie Dye
VP Marketing/Merchandising
M.J. Soffe

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