Monday, March 31, 2008

Take a peek at this weeks winner!

Soffe Fan Club - Photo of the Week Winner
Dear Soffe,
I love your brand!!! Whether I am working out, playing sports, sitting around the house or hanging with my friends they are the best clothes. I find them the most comfortable. Also, since gymnastics is a favorite for me, I needed a brand that worked best with my flexibility as well as something comfortable and Soffe just worked. I am glad I was chosen as he picture of the week unfortunately my friends aren't members of the Soffe Fan Club :-( I am trying to get them to join, especially because I think my one friend probably owns more of the brand than I do!!! Thank you so much for choosing my friends and I. We are big fans of your clothing line and accessories. Continue to do what you've been doing. Girls don't be afraid to follow your heart and chase your dreams. God Bless


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