Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to pronounce or say Soffe

The correct way to pronounce the Soffe brand name is "So-Fee", the same way you would say Sophie or Trophy. I hope this helps answer this question for all of you out there who have been wondering. :)

How do you say "SOFFE"?

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Charlotte Soffe from England.
We have always pronounced the name SOFEE (Soaf - rhyming with Loaf)
My grandfather spent much of his life tracing the Soffe family name in England and around the world.
Bye now
Charlotte Soffe

Anonymous said...

I personaly think that it should be pronounced Soffe like soft because the shorts are soft they arnt soffe like the person it just doesnt make sence to me.

Anonymous said...

I get sooo angry with my friend when shes always its soffe as in softy i even showed her the proof and she didnt beleive me......anyway i have like 10 soffes and im tottaly getting more!!!!

awesomely adored,
brooke aggravated :+p

Anonymous said...

I used to pronounce soffes like soff-fes and my friends were telling me that I was wrong and they keep telling me. Well i looked this up and figured out I was wrong but to me saying Soff-fes is much better than saying it like sophie!!!

Anonymous said...

I was so right! In all my friend's faces boo yah! Lol, I like it pronounced so-fee!