Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Step Back To The Future

The latest trend on the street is a BRIGHT sneaker. It doesn't matter what style as long as it is bright and colorful. This is an 80's redux only more so. I don't think they even had these color combo's in the 80's.

Reebok is unveiling a brand new line of Freestyles this year celebrating it's 25th Anniversary.

When it comes to fashion- a girl has got to know her history ......Freestyles are the first high top sneakers made especially for the feminine gender! You felt naked without a side pony tail, slouch socks and your BRIGHT WHITE Freestyles. If you were super cool- you wore solid black ones. Ask your Mom- she'll tell you.
For the complete definition:


Anonymous said...

I really love the snickers they are just so retro.I had to get a pair for myself and I have had so many comments on my shoes!

Muffin said...

sneakfreak you lying do you really have ten pair?