Monday, November 24, 2008


Hello! Let me introduce myself-my name is Sara and I am one of the new bloggers for Soffe. I am just your a-typical American teen.

The best word to describe me is: smorgasboard.

I am a runner: I get this great endorphin high every time I run, like I could conquer the world. That is obviously where the Soffe shorts come into play-I don't know what I would do without my collection of bright nylon shorts.

I'm an artist: The world, culture, people, events-everything inspires me when it comes to my art.

I love breakfast-it's my favorite meal of the day (hello!-pancakes, waffles, sausage, eggs?)

I love music: my iPod plays just about everything-from indie to pop to techno to hip hop to dance and even musicals.

I'm really into fashion-there is nothing more fun than combining the most random pieces together that somehow seems just right.

I have to have a Chai Tea Latte every morning: it keeps me sane.

I love reading and watching movies, there is nothing like a good comedy to take the edge off things.

I'm addicted to Twilight: I even enjoy writing about it when the obsession becomes too much.

My favorite food is tofu lettuce wraps. Kinda weird right? Of course i like my cookie dough every once in a while too.

I love writing, especially commenting on pop culture, world issues, art, media, fashion, you-name-it.

I can't wait to begin my Soffe adventure as i try out the great styles Soffe has to offer...and how they mix into the wardrobe of my very random life.

- Sara

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