Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Soffe!

Being in school, sports and 4-H takes a big part of my life. I participate in 3 clubs, and I am a all-around athlete. I swim, play volleyball, basketball, and track.

While I rarely have time to keep up with all the different clothing, like most of you, I paint my world in colors, by my bright colored Soffe Shorts, I almost always found wearing. Even when I head down to the farm, I'm in shorts and rubber boots.

The Soffe shorts are most comfortable, and I stop every year and stock up on them. Although most the time I find my sister wearing them, but that will be an going fight.

I am often stressed out and have little time to think about the picky details, so I usually end up with my Ipod, sweatshirt and a pair of Soffe shorts, and I am just happy.

So thank you so much Soffe brand, you have created a little balance in my busy life!


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