Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Hot Today

Everyone's asking what's hot TODAY right? Well, where I am retro has taken a toll on us middle and high schoolers. right now neon colored skinny jeans are new and are wanted, and regular skinny jeans are still in too! Also, zebra print appears to be very popular! For kicks we're going back some years to hightops or converse sneakers of any color especially neon or bright colors! Swimwear??? Well, no it's not spring or summer yet, but just be ahead bikinis are most wanted, tankinis are still in too! Most designs are in so don't be afraid of picking an "ugly" swimsuit! Summer shorts are mostly denim and you know SOFFEs! Add a tank and your hat and keep it cool from the summer heat! Flip-flops, flats, and any sandal is awesome footwear for the season! Any kind of sunglasses works! Be a fierce diva and keep the heat for Winter [the few weeks we have!] and beat that heat with the spring/summer fashions!


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