Monday, April 9, 2007

Bon Jour!

Ooooh La petite macarons! I have just returned from a week in Paris....what a merveilleaux (fabulous, marvelous, wonderful :) trip it was! I just popped over to check out the trends for Spring 2007. And there was plenty to see. The main message is COLOR!

I hope you have stocked up on your orange, yellows, pinks and bright greens for Spring! Just don't dress head to toe in it..mix it up with darker shades of the same color or contrast colors of dark greens, purples and blue. Make sure there is depth and life to your ensemblé!
Layering is key..a la Madonna 1984-86- just ditch the lacy undergarments showing- trés tacky.

Colored jeans are in for Spring and are such a fresh update to just plain denim jeans. Every color of a washed down rainbow. That's right, your colored jeans should be a bit washed down. Be careful & creative in color pairings- let your joie de vivre (joy of living) shine through - layer in brights or mute them with heather grey...but please- I beg you- don't wear black/yellow or green/red! Or any variation of color that you could be mistaken for a a holiday decoration, cartoon or school mascot.

Spring is very 80's inspired. Ask your Maman ( Mom) for some style tips- she may know something- Can you believe it!
Oh- how I do go on..I must save some for another day, mon chéri!
Au Revoir!

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