Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finalists for the "all about soffes" contest

Here are some other great stories that were entered into the "All About Soffes" contest.

“Best in the Land”
We love all your clothes, especially the cute shorts,
we wear them at home, school, shopping, and sports.
Soffe shorts are cute and comfy,
whereas other brands are cheap and lumpy.
One roll of the waistband and we know,
we are stylish and on the go.
We're best friends and one thing is for sure,
to be cute, Soffe is the cure.
We both wear the original shorts, size small,
we've looked everywhere, including the mall.
We used to buy Soffe at local stores,
but for some reason we can find them any more.
Other brands try to be as good,
but the fact that Soffe is the best is quite understood.
By wearing them around we've started a fad,
and at our school Soffes are to be had.
Having all 41 colors would be a dream come true,
including beautiful colors like Columbia Blue.
To Soffe shorts from the dearest fans,
thank you for having the best in the land.

“Soffes Changed My Life”
When I was in 5th grade I was overweight and my doctor told me my health was at serious risk. My mom decided to make me exercise but I couldn't find shorts. So, my mom went to the mall and saw a rack full of Soffes and she got me one. Alot of people love Soffe shorts but I love it differently. Soffe was with me through my journey to change my life and I am so thankful! Now 30 pounds lighter I feel great! You changed my life without even knowing it! I am so thankful for you guys!

“Soffes Save The Day”
I love Soffe. One, they save me from great embarrassing times and two, the comfort factor is amazing. One day when I was in science class, I had bent over to pick up my papers that had just flew all over the floor. As I was standing back up, I heard what sounded like a ripping sound. When my best friend pulled me over and told me what had happened I was so embarrassed. Luckily, I had a pair of Soffe shorts on under my pants so I wasn't in a bad condition. Ever since then I always wear Soffe because it is the greatest possible clothing item to be invented. Now, I wear Soffe a lot. I have 3 pairs of Soffe shorts in my locker, 2 pinks and 1 kelly green. Without Soffe to save my ripped pants that day, I would have been the laughing stock of the year.

“The Magic Shorts”
Two years ago, when our school had cheerleading try-outs, my best friend and I decided to try out together. Since I had no work out clothes or shorts at all (I wasn't allowed to wear shorts back then) my mom let me go to Kohl's and get three pairs of shorts; one for each day of try-outs and they all happened to be SOFFES. My best friend on the other hand had some non-name brand shorts by some company that I'd never heard of. When the try-outs began I was nervous because I knew that my friend would make it; she was the typical cheerleader with the pretty blonde hair and the bright blue eyes and tall build and whatnot, while I was the short, quiet, average sized girl who seemed like the other cheerleaders would eat her alive.

As we got into the try-outs however, I seemed to gain a lot of confidence. A lot of the veteran girls on the squad complimented me on my shorts and I even made a few friends. I felt that the shorts made me look more slender and I even got a few looks from guys in them; I was on top of the world!

On the final day of try-outs, I was more then ready. My jumps were higher, my round-off was better and my smile was bigger and brighter than ever before! It was like I knew what I was doing; I wasn't looking around at anyone else but focusing on my moves; a huge improvement from the first couple of days. Still, I hadn't thought that I had made it...just because I lacked that cheerleader look.

The next day after school the scores were posted. I had already started crying because I knew that I wasn't going to make it. My best friend however was talking about what she would do when she was on the squad; I didn't even want to look and see my name not be up there. I wasn't going to go up and look, but my mother forced me to and as it turned out I made it; with one of the highest scores in fact. My best friend on the other hand and her non-name brand shorts hadn't made it.

Ever since then, with every activity I do, I wear Soffes. I don't know if they have some magic power or just give me a boost of confidence, but there's just something special about them that brings out the best in your abilities. It seems to be a little bit of both because I've worn them to every try-out or event I've had and every time I've done better than I ever thought possible.

I run track and i will say that i am pretty good. We had gotten our uniforms but we only got our jerseys, and the company had forgotten to order the matching shorts. Our coach and our team were in a panic, considering we had pictures in two days and our first track meet in three...but we didn’t have enough time to order the shorts. We all tried to come up with ideas, but didn’t have any. Our coach said to go home and see what you could think up. The next day before practice i grabbed a pair of new Pink Soffe shorts that i had recently purchased (my first pair actually) and got dropped off at our schools track. The coach showed up and was asking if anyone came up with anything. Of course, our team had nothing. The coach looked at me and said "Hey, i love your shorts. Where'd you get them?" "Oh thanks. Their Soffes ...and i got them from Kohls." Then it hit me. "They have other colors." I said. "We can use these. There so comfy and not expensive at all." The coach was ecstatic and we all piled into our parents cars and went to Kohls, were we bought around 15 pairs of Royal Blue Soffes. Since we had gotten their whole stock of our sizes, and we still needed a few, we drove to another Kohls near by. Our pictures looked great and the shorts matched perfectly. And i'm not superstitious, but we won our track meet by a long shot and i think it was the shorts. I did so well and came in first for every event. I was pretty sure it was the shorts. Now, i wear them to every sport im involved in and make sure we use them as part of our uniform. Thank you for saving our track team, Soffe.

One day back in grade school I was with my best friend on the swings and all of our guy friends were swinging beside us. I was telling my best friend that she was swinging wrong. So, I started pushing her and she fell backwards off the swing. She was wearing those cargo kinda pants and one of her hoops got caught on the swings chains. They ripped right off her body. All the guys were laughing and the boy she liked was like "ewww" when he saw her underwear and ran away. I gave her a pair of my soffes and everyone said she looked so cute in them. If I wouldn't of had my soffes with me then my friend would have had to wear them nasty clothes from the lost and found. The soffe shorts made us have such a great day after the worst moment ever. Every time we think about that day we always laugh about what had happened and how my soffes help us out!

My Best Friend loves the soffe brand. She wears them under her school uniform and she wears them to dance under her pants and jeans! We were out shopping a couple weeks ago, when my friend saw the huge rack out soffes she hugged it. (Yeah, she is a little weird but I love her to death.) She wants every single color. She has about one fourth of the colors. It would mean a lot to me for her to receive a pair of soffes signed by you. It would be a huge surprise for her to get a pair of soffes signed by Mr. Soffe himself. Well I hope she receives a pair of her favorite brand.

At almost every school there are cheerleaders, and I desperately wanted to be one of them. I had heard about tryouts all summer, and have always dreamed about being a cheerleader. When tryouts came around in august I was extremely nervous. The only thing that helped me calm down and be amazing at tryouts was my Soffe shorts. I thought, I've always wanted to be a Cheerleader, i've got skill, and I've got my Soffe shorts. Now I've got to be a part of all the girls who have worn soffes. If they can do it i can do it. No one can stand in my way. So my soffes were my role model in a sense to do my best. I had to wait hours to see if i made the team. I MADE THE SQUAD!! Being a cheerleader has always been my dream and now it's a part of me. I know if i didn't have looked at my soffe tag and saw the name I wouldn't have any confidence or any inspiration. Now I always wear my soffes to cheer practice. Now im off to track practice….in my soffes : )

50 girls…Competition, adrenaline, strength, passion. These are the very words that come to mind when I am cheerleading. Trying out for a sport can be one of the scariest and most uncomfortable things, especially if you are named "the new girl". I have been named the new girl, the fresh face, more than a couple of times. Moving back to Florida a third time, wasn't easy. Being a high-schooler, it was alot to ask, to be placed into a school, amongst 2600 other students, whom none of which I knew. I decided to be active and try out for cheerleading. Soffe's made it so much easier for me. I knew that because I looked good in what I was wearing and I was comfortable in the clothes, I was unstoppable. Soffe's products made me feel accepted, not to mention so cute. =] You better believe that I worked so hard, and made varsity the very first time I tried out. Thanks to Soffe's, I gained the confidence and comfort I needed to succeed.

I have been wearing your clothes for like ever and my favorite kind still are the shorts. For cheerleading, they beat all the other brands out there. When I was littler I always wore soffe shorts and I still do, I just can't switch. No matter what other brands are out there like Abercrombie, Holister, or American Eagle, soffe is always better. During cheerleading I have to wear soffe because all the other brands don't have the material like Soffe and the comfort like soffe either. That's why I love them and everyone on my team does, too. For cheerleading nationals they were my lucky charm. They helped us win, because of everything they are. I couldn't thank you enough for making the clothing line and helping our team win for the first time in our whole school. I don't know what I would do with out them.

hi! my soffe story is this: I was at my camp and everyone one there wears soffes, there perfect for all the activities! So my cabin was all doing horse back ridding and you have to wear jeans. so every day we would wear jeans and then go change into soffes or a soffe skort or other shorts. we would always get in trouble because we were so late. so one day i decided to wear my soffes under my pants, I was running late so i didn't grab a belt but i was wearing my biggest jeans. when i got off the horse this time my friends we hysterically laughing. i looked down and my jeans we past my butt. i was sooo happy that i was wearing soffes that would have been sooo embarrassing!

Well last week my stepsister came into town from Tennessee. Its almost like an annual thing when she comes to town for my mom to take her shopping, so she took her to Kohls. Since soffees are only $7 I figured just about everyone had a pair. I was wrong. Hailey was literally begging my mom for a pair because she had none. When my mom said she wouldn't buy them for her, she got really sad. Earlier that day we went to eat at On-the-Border and her dad had given each of us $20. Remembering that, she got a pair of navy soffees [her fav color soffee] and tried them on. She had gotten a kid XL and they were pretty big on her but our parents said that they were too short. I knew how happy she was so I explained to my mom how 0my soffees were even shorter than hers and etc. So I grabbed a LG of the shelf and had her try them on...even tho they were still kind of big I told her to roll them only once and see what our parents said. When they said she could buy them she was sooooooooooo happy. And when we're around the house she's always wearing just that one pair. So thats why I entered the contest for her.

As everyone knows, soffes are the most comfortable, cute and affordable way to go. This is where my story comes in. One of my friends had a formal sweet sixteen. At her party another one of our friends was dancing and ripped a hole right in the back of her dress. To solve the problem, we had all come straight to the party from cheerleading practice, where the only thing we wear is soffes, so we just all changed into our soffes. Not only did it cheer up our friend so she wasn't alone but it turned out to be one of the greatest parties of the year. We got to actually be comfortable and cute, soffes came to the rescue. Yes, soffes saved the day.


Kenn said...

Those stories were way better them mine. Great job and awesome stories.

India said...

I loved those stories!my favorite was the "magic shorts"!

kit-kit said...

OMG- the magic shorts rule, I also like "I maried my soffes!"

Anonymous said...

I love all of the stories that u all wrote and i definitely luv the shorts