Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OK Soffe Fans, it's time for you to vote for the winner!

Thanks to all who entered the "all about soffes" contest! We loved every story that was submitted! it was very difficult narrowing down the 5 best stories. Now, we are asking for your help! Please read all 5 stories and vote for the story you like the most! The story with the most votes will be the overall winner and will receive a free pair of Soffe shorts signed by Mr. Soffe! voting ends April 18, 2007.
Good luck to the top 5 story writers! and thanks again to everyone who participated, it was a lot of fun!

Click here to read and vote for your favorite story

Read some samples of the top five Soffe stories below

“I married my Soffes”
........One day I was telling my mom how much I love, love, and love Soffe shorts. So she said, "If you love them so much, why don't you marry them". So I did...
One day I was shopping at Kohl's, and a totally sweet pair of shocking blue shorts caught my eye... our eyes met and it was love at first sight. He was single, and was looking for a girl like me. I was newly single too, and was feeling adventurous and free. Soffe was just who I was looking for..... READ MORE

“Best in the Land”
......Soffe shorts are cute and comfy,
whereas other brands are cheap and lumpy.
One roll of the waistband and we know,
we are stylish and on the go.
We're best friends and one thing is for sure,
to be cute, Soffe is the cure......READ MORE

“Soffes Changed My Life”
........Alot of people love Soffe shorts but I love it differently. Soffe was with me through my journey to change my life and I am so thankful! Now 30 pounds lighter I feel great! You changed my life without even knowing it........READ MORE

“Soffes Save The Day”
.......I was in science class, I had bent over to pick up my papers that had just flew all over the floor. As I was standing back up, I heard what sounded like a ripping sound. When my best friend pulled me over and told me what had happened.....READ MORE

“The Magic Shorts”
.....Ever since then, with every activity I do, I wear Soffes. I don't know if they have some magic power or just give me a boost of confidence, but there's just something special about them that brings out the best in your abilities. It seems to be a little bit of both.....READ MORE

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