Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CHEERSPORT Cheerleading and Dance Championship | Event Dates and Map

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Mark your calendars! Here are the event dates for the CHEERSPORT 2008-2009 Grand Championship

28 Atlanta, GA Six Flags Over Georgia *Special Pricing*

5 Columbus, OH Greater Columbus Convention Center »IALC«
18 Nashville, TN Nashville Municipal Auditorium »IALC«

2 Atlanta, GA Gwinnett Arena
9 Raleigh, NC Dorton Arena
16 Indianapolis, IN Indiana Convention Center
16 Charlotte, NC Cricket Arena
23 Houston, TX George R. Brown Convention Center »IALC«

6 Philadelphia, PA Temple University
7 Richmond, VA Richmond Convention Center »IALC«
13 Orlando, FL Osceola Heritage Park »IALC«
14 Birmingham, AL Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center
14 Norman, OK Lloyd Noble Center »IALC«

11 Little Rock, AR Statehouse Convention Center
11 Springfield, MA MassMutual Center »IALC«
18 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Convention Center »IALC«
18 Mobile, AL Mobile Convention Center »IALC«
25 Stockton, CA University of the Pacific
25 Atlanta, GA Georgia Dome »IALC«
31 Lexington, KY Lexington Convention Center

2009 National Cheerleading & Dance Championship
13-15 Atlanta, GA Georgia World Congress Center
28 Chicago, IL UIC Pavilion

7 Kansas City, MO Hale Arena
7 Denver, CO Colorado Convention Center
29 Jacksonville, FL University of North Florida

4 Sevierville, TN Sevierville Convention Center
5 Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward County Convention Center

Link to CHEERSPORT events

Monday, August 18, 2008

Photo of the week Winner! 08/18/2008

My name is Elba and this is a picture for the soffe fan club photo contest of the week. This is a picture of me(second girl from left to right) and my best friends Taylor (first left) Emily (middle) Maureen (right) and Alex (girl sitting with her legs up).

I love Soffe's! I think I have more Soffe's than underwear! :D Since I dance and do volleyball almost everyday of the week I use Soffe's allot! And I absolutely love to use soffes for sleepovers! Because in sleepovers I dance, sing and do a ton of stuff with my friends and Soffe's are cute and comfortable to do anything I want. Me and my friends love to customize our Soffe's so sometimes we get permanent markers, paint and anything we can find around the house to decorate our Soffe's! And I also love using the Soffe hoodies there really comfortable and there perfect for school cause they match with almost all my wardrobe. Me and my friends love Soffe's so much that sometimes we go to Soffe.com and we spend ours looking and shopping for Soffe stuff!


Sara's blog about Soffe's Nylon Shorts | Soffe Slicks | Summer Must-Have

Quote from Sara's blog:

"Which leads me to my must-have piece of clothing for summer, the nylon Soffe short. Not only a quintessential teenage item, these lightweight shorts have also been a lifesaver on many occasions. They are perfect for all types of unpredictable summer situations: concerts in the sweltering heat, getting stuck outside in the rain, for use as a bathing-suit cover-up at the pool or beach, and spontaneous excursions to amusement parks. I love, love, love these shorts."

Read the entire post on Sara's blog about Soffe Slicks

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Become a Soffe contributor for our blog!

Grab those keyboards and start typing! 

We are looking for some new and interesting voices in the social media space to add to our team as blogging contributors.

If you can write about subjects like fashion, style, trends, and product reviews, also athletes who can write about sports tips, cheers, how-to/tutorials you will be a perfect fit. 

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please send an example or two of your online work (other blog postings or articles you have written) to us at SFCfeedback [at] gmail [dot] com. We will follow up with additional questions and details.

**If you like you may also submit a sample article about the Soffe Brand, we may post it on our blog with your name on the article as the writer. **


Previous Soffe Open photos now online - upload your own too

Please check out our gallery of Soffe Open Cheer competition pics of the past.... it's on Flickr and we would love your comments, to know if you were there, and and if you are in the pic.


items in Cheerleading Event Photos - SoffeMore in Cheerleading Event Photos - Soffe pool

Know what else? We have guest uploading turned on for our Soffe Open gallery - so if you have pics please, send them on up! (we will screen them for quality, please tag with dates and state) 
We welcome your pics on our gallery.

Inside Cheerleading Magazine feature Cheer Ltd and M. J. Soffe's partnership | Soffe Open Championship


Article by Inside Cheerleading Magazine
July/Aug issue

"President of Cheer Ltd., Gwen Holtsclaw, and president and CEO of the legendary M.J. Soffe Company, Jim Soffe, took time to chat with iC's Lana Barrentine about what it is that makes their beloved Soffe Open Championships such a fan favorite."

View the article here:


(special thanks to Inside Cheerleading Magazine)
This article covers last year's Soffe Open cheer competitions all around the Country. Please see this blog post listing the locations for this year's Soffe Open tour

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Soffe Open Cheer Events and Map

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Mark your calendar!
We have more huge cheer events again this year at the 'Soffe Open' Championship. Each event has competitions by division with scoring, awards, and trophies.

Click the city on the list of dates to go to Google maps and find out exactly where each competition is! There are pins on our Google map for every city and date.

Please stop by to say "hi", and if you are competing best of luck!!!

More information can be found on the Cheer Ltd. site

Nov 22, 2008 Soffe Louisiana Open Championships
Centenary College
Shreveport, LA

Dec 06, 2008 Soffe Holiday Classic Open Championships
Methodist University
Riddle Gymnasium & Nimocks Fitness Center
Fayetteville, NC

Dec 13, 2008 Soffe Alabama Open Championships
Boutwell Auditorium
Birmingham, AL

Dec 13, 2008  Soffe Music City Open Championships
Belmont University
Nashville, TN

Dec 20, 2008 Soffe Southern Open Championships
Lakeland Center
Lakeland, FL

Dec 21, 2008 Soffe Northern Open Championships
The Show Place Arena
Upper Marlboro, MD

Jan 10, 2009 Soffe Open Ohio Championships
Capitol University
Columbus, OH

Jan 18, 2009 Soffe Missouri Open Championships
Fontbonne University
St. Louis, MO

Jan 31, 2009 Soffe Tennessee Open Championships
Knoxville Coliseum
Knoxville, TN

Feb 08, 2009 Soffe Mid-Atlantic Open Championships
Sovereign Bank Arena
Trenton, NJ

Feb 08, 2009 Soffe Virginia Open Championships
VCU Seigel Center
Richmond, VA

Photo of the week Winner! 05/19/2008

My name is Jordan and I wear a uniform to school and all the girls wear soffe shorts , because we all run around!!! We were messing around and took a bunch of silly pictures!!!
This is me! lol i love this picture!!!
Thank you!!!

Jordan and Melissa from Maryland

Photo of the week Winner! 04/29/2008

Hey, my name is Jillian and I like Soffe's, because they are the softest and the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn in my life... and I need more, you can never have enough Soffe's!

thank you so much,

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